Welcome and Let the Moonlight Enlighten You

You know, when you start a new blog you’re full of all these images and ideas but when you sit down to write this very post they all scurry into the floorboards like frightened mice.  Then you’re left staring at this text box wondering, “what do I say?”

First let me say a heartfelt “welcome.”  I’m really very pleased you’ve chosen to stop by this little “moonlightened” patch on your spiritual journey.  Here you’ll find articles of a spiritual and transcendental nature.  I’m fascinated by the mind and spirituality.  I can get lost wandering the halls of myself and pondering this topic and I love to share what I find with others.

If your journey also includes Indian vegetarian cooking, you can join me on my journey into learning this cuisine along with recipes.  Being an American relocated to India, I definitely have a lot to learn and a lot share.

Not everything you find here may directly relate to spirituality, but in some way or another it will still tie in.  I’ll also be posting snippets from my Hub Pages articles if you’re not already a fan.

I’m set to begin editing the rough draft of my very first novel, Falling Up, in March.  You can follow the process along with me if you like.  I will participate in NaNoEdMo, or National Novel Editing Month.

To be honest, you’ll find a little bit of everything here.  The sky’s the limit.  You never know which way the wind will blow so check back often!


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