Make a Snowflake!

Created on Make-A-Flake

A friend introduced me to this nifty little website called Make-a-Flake and I’ve been obsessively doing just that ever since.  I practically lose myself in a zen-like state, snipping away here and there.  It brings back memories of childhood, frosty window panes and peppermint sticks, and those blunt-nosed little scissors that didn’t cut very effectively unless you managed to hold them just-so.  I remembered doing that as a child, trying to find that optimum cutting angle and whacking away at a construction paper snow flake.  We taped the paper versions to our windows.  We hung myriads of paper snowflakes from the ceiling of the classroom as children creating a veritable tawdry paper blizzard during the holidays.  It’s tempting to print my e-snowflake creation down and do just that.  Goodness knows, my stiff old hands couldn’t make something so ornate with regular scissors and a prayer these days.

If you’re stuck in the doldrums of chilly wintry grays and browns, let your inner child romp a bit, even if perhaps nostalgically.  Visit Make-a-Flake and create your own with the click of a mouse.  Share it with your children and family.  Encourage them to do the same.  There’s a gallery you can visit to peruse the snowstorm of creativity others have left there and add your’s to it too.  There’s an option to share your snowflake as well as save it in .jpeg format.

Why not join the snowy flurry and Make-a-Flake.  If you’d like, you can send me your’s and we can make our very own Moonlightened Blizzard here!

My creation.


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