Ways to Cope With the Holiday Blues

Blue Bow

Image by kevinthoule via Flickr

The holidays are over. The decorations have all been boxed up and stuffed under the stairs until next year. Everyone has retreated from the tidal pool of good cheer back into the daily grind. Depending in which hemisphere you live in, the world is a tapestry of frosty breath and drab shades of gray and brown. Things suddenly seem very blah, colorless and spring seems a light year away.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. This is what’s known as post-holiday depression of post-holiday blues. We have all suffered some form of it. You know, that post-holiday crash when you realize that things seem kind of empty. It’s so easy over the holidays to get railroaded into the role of “pleaser.” Go here, do this, plan for xyz, but in the long run so much of what we’ve spent the last month or two obsessing over are secondary pleasures. That’s part of what leaves that hollow feeling when it’s all over for another year and makes you blue.

Fear not! All it takes is a little bit of focus on what makes you happy and a bit of redirection. The following are some economical and exciting ideas on how to get yourself out of those blues and back into the swing of things with a smile on your face and a dance in your step.

So let’s snap out of it and do something fun; maybe even wacky! I’m talking do something out of your normal routine. How do you do that? Here are a few suggestions:


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