If We Could Choose Our Next Life…

I was just reading Arindam’s latest blog post on Being Arindam entitled “What I wish… for my next birth”.  It inspired a moment of wonder… what would I choose if given the conscious choice? Age is teaching me to pay attention to and grab onto that very first response that comes like a whisper. This is my answer:

Narcissus (not N. pseudonarcissus, probably a ...

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If I could choose the form of my next birth, I would choose a daffodil flower. My presence in the world would be brief, but it would be a joyful splash of color in the bleak landscape of a dying winter. The fragile yellow trumpet that announces the arrival of new shoots and robins. Then as the spring unfolds in it’s gentle gaiety I would wither quietly away, content in knowing I had harmed none and brought a hope, albeit insignificant, that life is renewed again.

What would you choose?  Please leave a comment.  This would be fun to discuss.

1 thought on “If We Could Choose Our Next Life…

  1. You made a great choice for sure. But, to be honest i will prefer to be the same person what i am in this birth. You really gave a great reason for your choice. Like it a lot. 🙂

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