The Sun and Moon

The sun opened his eyes and stretched his mighty arms with a yawn.  Awakened by the shy caress of the moon in her ritual passing, this morn he wanted to linger.

“My love, can you postpone your journey today for another hour or maybe two?” he asked.

The moon shined her pale face to him, questioningly.

“You know I can’t do that,” she smiled.  “All things require your punctuality, as they do mine.  And this you know just as you know I can never turn my face from you.”

He sighed.  He did.

She always had a way with words.

 MS Word total word count:  100


This story is my first attempt at participating in a Friday blogging game called “Drabbling.”  The rules are simple.  You must write a complete story of exactly 100 words.

Drabbling is the brainchild of Lenore who authors the blog Lenore Diane’s Thoughts Exactly.  As a writer, it’s an excellent exercise.  It’s a challenge!  I was invited to participate by Arindam of Being Arindam...

You’re welcome to join in the fun too if you’d like.  Just enter the tag  “Friday Drabble” in your tag line and use the hashtag #fridaydrabble on Twitter and post your entry on a Friday.  Thanks, Arindam and Lenore!

Copyright Jean Mishra 2011


11 thoughts on “The Sun and Moon

  1. I am a frequent visitor of Arindam’s blog and found your blog through his Candle Lighter award post. I must say, this Friday Drabble is great! Excellent work!

    • Thank you, Joe. It’s funny, when I was in school having to fulfill minimum word requirements for essays and reports was such a torture, I would have found 100 words to be gift horse. Now that I call myself a writer, limiting myself to 100 words for almost anything is the torture. It’s hard to express a complete story in so few words but an excellent exercise. I’m so happy you stopped by and gave it a read!

    • one more thing, do not thank me. I myself came across this one, through one of my favorite writer Lenore. She is really doing a great job with this challenge. I inspired for this challenge by reading her posts for this challenge. So thank her. 🙂

      • Arindam, can you post the link to her blog here?

        Just as an aside: You are also deserving of the thanks because you shared this on your blog, or I would never have known. If you can give me her blog, I’ll be happy to be sure she gets credit as well. I’m glad you liked it.

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