The Mystery of Love

“The crown of spiritual experience is the attainment of divine love – a love that overflows the bounds of all human calculations and standards and inundates the entire world.” 

Swami Ramdas

This is a worthy quote, but how many of us really understand this “love” he’s speaking of?  I know for most of my life I didn’t have a clue.  Trying to untangle this “love” stuff everyone is seeking, having or lamenting over is enough to drive anyone insane, but I persevered for most of my life.  The only constant regarding the concept of love I was sure about was the certainty I was missing something intangible.  In so many ways I was right, and in so many ways I was dead wrong.  I think I’m coming closer to figuring this whole love thing out.

“Love” is one of those slippery terms; like “truth” and “god”.  The moment you try to define it you’ve already lost the battle of doing it.  The longer the list, the more confused you become.  I’m finally beginning to understand it’s because it defies the intellect.  “Love” is not separable from “Truth” or “God” in this respect.  This is the way I view these terms, whether right or wrong:

  • God – the “what is”; that which is the source of and fiber of all that is.  It’s not a physical being or thing, this is where our confusion begins.  It’s existence is beyond what we can perceive of physically and quantify intellectually.
  • Truth – a Higher Intellectual expression of that “god” and truth than those born of and intellectualized in the physical world.
  • Love – A Higher Emotional expression of “god” than those emotions born of and felt in the material world.

I realize, believe me I do, this really doesn’t clear much of anything up.  Unfortunately, by their very nature it’s probably as close as we’re going to get to a no-nonsense definition.  These are abstract things best expressed through the arts and experienced in deep inner silence.  I’m convinced the closest most of us come to experiencing it is in that brief instant when you’re overtaken by the beauty of something.  It happens when your mind is suddenly stunned into stillness and your heart is ignited by sheer awe.  It’s present in that momentary hush.

I think there’s a lot of confusion out there regarding the “inundation of divine love” into the world as Ramdas states.  A lot of folks beating the spiritual trail think this is something they need or have to do.  It’s a noble idea and gesture, unfortunately in the doing we’re involving our own mighty human egos.  Goodness knows the world needs a little more kindness and good deeds are certainly needed, but realize those deeds for what they are.  Without judgement, they are actions arising from the ego and not the pure state of divine love.

The effect of divine love, in its purity, involves no doing.  From where it springs there is no doer.  Divine love is manifested into the physical realm through the realization of itself in you.  Once you’ve consciously been in the experience of it, the lamp is lit.  Your own being becomes the only doing to shine it forth into the physical world.  You know people like this.  They exude a certain “something” without having to speak a word.  Peacefulness surrounds them and the weight of the world seems something alien to them.  Their proverbial cup runneth over.

So the intangible thing I was missing is that this is a state that exists and is available to everyone.  You walk in it, swim in it, sleep in it.  It’s never apart from you.  What’s missing is the simple realization.  It’s not magically found in the relationship with another person or ideal.  It’s found in the stillness of the heart when the mind is silent.  Once realized, the relationship becomes with existence itself and spills over into everything you do and everyone you relate to, in whatever role that may be.


To love existence
As you would your beloved
Reveals God’s secret

My plan for the coming year is to “be” in “love”.

Copyright Jean Mishra 2012


8 thoughts on “The Mystery of Love

  1. This is an excellent post Misha! Loved all of it especially this part as it rings true with experience here.

    “The effect of divine love, in its purity, involves no doing. From where it springs there is no doer. Divine love is manifested into the physical realm through the realization of itself in you. Once you’ve consciously been in the experience of it, the lamp is lit.”

    I would like to say in the experiences here when openness or non-doing (if you wish) is the widest, it includes all states, circumstances, and anything that can be perceived for that matter. Having said that, I have to include the experience of wanting to pursue desirable\pleasurable states for and from the ego. Thoughts about a separate sense of self (ego) gets included although for years they were pushed away as wrong or not doing something right.

    There can be a kind of peace and acceptance about all this. Also, in the process some nasty thoughts and emotions can arise out of nowhere, and I would say Oh! I’ve lost it. I don’t love that! What is clearing up here is that all is included and allowed in this openness. My ego doesn’t love it, and it does love the space that allows it to arise very much! Kind of maddening in a way.

    Very Enjoyable Read!
    Deep Bow!

    • Yeah, that ole Ego will never “shaddap” and never go away. All we can do is make friends with it and let it yammer away in it’s own little room. It has its place and its necessary. I too used to be guilty of the thinking ego is wrong bad wrong wrong icky poo. I agree with you, to deny any part of existence is utterly futile. I’m glad you enjoyed.

  2. Jean …you speak to me on a sublime level….. we are kindred spirits. Having the same recent thoughts as you we seem to have come to the same conclusions. You write so eloquently that it is an inspiration to your readers. We both made similar posts recently but I must complement you on your insight (since we agree!) I find your writing style very “comforting” in some unique way; that is the word I used and I’m sticking to it..
    Keep up the great work. The world is at the point of a great awakening, we need all the help we can get!
    Hush, be still and know the truth that will set you free…. be patient and loving and blessings will be many.

    • Thanks so much for your support, Taoist. I sometimes wonder sometimes if kindred spirits do tune into a certain kindred wavelength we’re unaware of; perhaps forming a gestalt of sorts without realizing. All I know is this ride is intensifying and I’m enjoying it.

  3. What a wonderful story!! I truly loved it!
    That must be a wonderful experience being in India, one of my friends just returned from there and deeply enjoyed every moment. I would love to hear about your experiences there. Have a lovely day!

    • Thanks so much, Tara! Living here is definitely an experience. There are things I love and things I don’t, but life is simpler and the focus is so much more on the type of spirituality that speaks to me. Getting out of the ole comfort zone doesn’t hurt either. If you follow my blog, you’ll catches glimpses of life here; particularly in the creative writing pieces. My goal is to offer an ebook soon of creative writing themed after my new life in India if there’s enough interest in it. Thanks for reading!

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