The Boy and The Moon

Again the boy sat, elbows on the sill, gazing at the moon.  The moon smiled down upon him as it always did.

“What’s your question tonight?” asked the moon.

“I see you in the sky but I too see you in the pond.  Which are you?”

“As the pond sees me, I’m in the sky.  As the sky sees me I’m in the pond.  I am both and I am neither.”

The boy blinked, confused.

“And,” the moon added, “as you see me, I’m in your eyes.”

The boy’s smile grew and his eyes shone.  The silent moon did too.

MS Word Count:  100

This is a creative writing piece for the Friday Drabble.

Copyright Jean Mishra 2012

2 thoughts on “The Boy and The Moon

  1. “Remember: Failures are only learning the reasons something doesn’t work so we can eventually find the one that does. (Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt and washed it to death.)”
    I saw the error, enjoyed the story none the less.
    Thanks for sharing!

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