The Gift of The 2012 Legend

I was wandering around reading other blogs tonight like the devoted blog junkie I am, and ran across this blog post asking if 2012 is really going to be “the end of the world.”  I decided to leave a brief comment because I felt moved to do so not really knowing what I wanted to say.  That’s when a realization floated into my mind like a little dust mote and landed with a crash.

Will 2012 see the end of humanity, or will it see something else?  The truth is, no one knows.  You’ll find this doomsday prophecy mentioned in so many belief systems we could fairly call it common.  I think there are just as many of us secretly believing it could happen as those of us outwardly poo-pooing such science fiction.  Then I asked myself why and I had a bit of a revelation.

Humanity has been served up a single horrific focal point.  It’s impossible to ignore it.  It’s so immense, even the staunchest cynic will begrudgingly pop at least one bead of sweat over it.  Imagine the possibility of everything you know ceasing to exist as if someone hit the cosmic delete key.  It’ll shake you.  No one left to see the sunrise.  No more laughter.  No more tears.  No.  More.  Us.   Imagine the weight of this on your subconscious.

I’m going to stop beating around the bush and just say it:

Nothing changes people like fear.  Nothing can scare you like the end of the world.  Nothing has the potential to change the course history like this one single focal point. 

This is the gift.  All hearts and minds are being tugged and pulled in this one direction.  Even if you proclaim you don’t believe it, you’re still thinking about it.  The legendary year of 2012 is here.

“Will it really happen?”

The whisper is growing louder.  People are beginning to examine themselves and their role in this life and many without even realizing it.  It’s everywhere.  Everyone is talking about it.  It’s worming its way in.  World events are already showing the effects.  People are scrutinizing, people are protesting, people are changing and demanding change in the world around them.

It’s not going to go away until the calendar flips to 2013.  That means 357 days left for this seed to grow so large we won’t be able to escape its shadow.  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of fruit it bears.  When the dust finally settles, we’ll know.  Hopefully, it will reveal a world that has turned away from what isn’t working and heading down the road to a different approach.


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