My Candle Lighter Award Nominees

As a responsibility to receiving The Candle Lighter Award I need to nominate other blogs I felt were deserving of the recognition.  Because I’m so new to blogging and the blogging community, I took a little time to feel I was making the right choices in my nominations.

What is The Candle Lighter Award?  It’s the brainchild of Kate Kresse, author of Believe Anyway.  You can read more about the award here.  Briefly, The Candle Lighter Award is awarded to those bloggers who:

“…light a candle in the darkness that envelopes us all at times.”

My nominees/award recipients are:

Zendictive:  I find the thoughts presented in this blog to always be gentle as a breeze but as powerful as a hurricane.  When I leave zendictive’s blog, I always feel pleasantly changed.  I would like to acknowledge that feeling by presenting him The Candle Lighter Award.

Source of Inspiration:  Pat’s blog is just that, a source of inspiration.  I always find reading her blog a powerful experience.  She shines her words like a beacon on a hilltop.  I feel she deserves to be acknowledged for this so I’m presenting her with The Candle Lighter Award.

SpiritualiTea:  Shannon writes a beautiful and focused blog, rife with diversity without wandering off the path.  Every time I open her blog I find myself not really wanting to leave it.  Gentle, soothing, inspiring..  she’s very deserving of the acknowledgement and The Candle Lighter Award.

As recipients, all you need to do is accept this.  You may post the badge on your blog if you like, and of course pass it along to any inspirational quality blog you feel is deserving.

Thank you for continuing to lighting the way!

(And, of course, my thanks to Arindam for nominating MoonLightened Way.)

7 thoughts on “My Candle Lighter Award Nominees

  1. I am thrilled that you received the award (well-deserved, by the way) and that you passed it on to other well-deserving blogs. You can find the badge at this link (it is on the page and in the right side-bar).
    and instructions for putting the badge on this link:
    Thank you for being so inspirational. The world needs your talent. I added your blog link and your awardees links to my Candle LIghter Award pages of blogs.

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