Picasso with a Bushy Tail?

I stumbled into this article yesterday.  It’s about Winklehimer Smith who is touted as an up-and-coming artist who specializes in abstracts.  But Winklehimer isn’t just any ordinary artist; she has a tail.  Yes, she’s a squirrel.  According to Winklehimer’s human, Shyla Mouton, the little squirrel is a good observer.

“I paint dolls and jewelry and she just watches me all day long. They are very intelligent animals,” says Shyla Mouton, AKA “Artist Ugly Shyla.”

Miss Winklehimer has been with Shyla since she was about 6 weeks old.  According to Shyla, she had been watching the squirrel out of her kitchen window climb down a nearby tree.  She was attacked by a cat and Shyla ran to her rescue.

“I rushed out there to help her. One of her front legs was messed up pretty bad. I put her in a little box on the porch to make her comfortable because I didn’t think she would make it through the night,” recalled Shyla.

Shyla put her heart and soul into nursing the little squirrel back to health.  Now Winklehimer has joined her human friend in the creative arts, watching and mimicking Shyla who also paints dolls and jewelry.  The little squirrel takes up brush and paint and scrawls it across the paper in artistic squirrel fashion.  One thing is certain, she loves gnawing on that brush handle. .

Winklemimer has become a YouTube sensation and some of her works have been auctioned off for as much as $40.  Shyla states the money is put towards helping humans and animals in need.

Be sure to read the full story and the complete NBC video here.

Here’s another squirrely tale:  Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

2 thoughts on “Picasso with a Bushy Tail?

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