Strange Sounds Coming from the Sky

This is one of those articles I’ve been walking around all day chewing on.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  I hesitated on the side of vanity, because frankly I value my credibility and this could send that into the waste bin with some of my readers and I value my readers as much as I do my credibility.  This is also an inspirational blog and I’m straying a bit.  The only thing that spurs me on is the fact I experienced this phenomenon.  It’s being reported from many people all across the globe and I’m wondering if anyone else out there reading me now has too.

Okay, first let me wipe the sweat from my palms.  It’s that credibility thing squeezing at my stomach again.  I hope you don’t stop reading me after this.  I hope that you’ll at least give me the benefit of the doubt, because I have nothing to gain and everything to lose.  I guess the most logical way to say it is to just say it.

Two times during the past two weeks I have heard a strange sound I’ve never heard before.  Once was at night and I was here alone.  I haven’t lived in India even a year yet and a lot of things here are new, so even though this sound was strange, and it quite frankly frightened me a bit, I shrugged it off as my inexperience with all the sounds here.  The second time was in the afternoon.  Everyone was busy in their daily doings and it was anything but quiet.  The air was alive; a melting pot of sounds:  jets flying overhead making their approach to the Delhi airport, trucks and cars trundling down the main road, the generator from the petrol station, various car horns, people talking, children playing.

Then the sound came.  I recognized it immediately; the sudden loud hum rising and then falling then rising and falling again.  It swallowed everything else, vibrating through the floor and the bed I was sitting on.  I ran outside.  It was coming from everywhere all at once.  A few people were looking around, looking up just as I was; and we all looked confused.  Something, okay everything about the sound was “wrong.”  It was too loud.  It lasted too long.  It wasn’t moving.  It had no definable direction.

Just as my stomach was beginning to knot with the realization this was not something normal, it just stopped.  As is the case with this type of thing, everyone shrugged it off and went about their business.  I did too.  I flipped on my computer and lost myself in writing, the day passed, and the next, and the next.  I completely forgot about it; until last night.

Because I also write articles on HubPages I receive the featured Hub on my Facebook every day.  The featured Hub last night was about just this very thing.  Even as I read the title, it didn’t click.  It wasn’t until I started listening to some of the YouTube videos from people who claimed to hear “a strange sound” and recorded them that I remembered.  I more than remembered.  I was utterly shocked.  It was the same sound.

Search engines are supporting the sudden interest in this strange hum.  Google Trends shows internet searches for “strange sounds” has skyrocketed in the last 30 days.  My logic tells me it could be because everyone is just starting to talk about it, but so many reports of this hum have also been reported just prior to and during the same time frame so it’s very hard to tell if that’s even relevant.

Someone has gone to the trouble of actually plotting reports on a Google Earth map.  Again, I don’t know if this can be relied on for any type of accuracy.  It represents those who have reported witnessing the phenomenon, but I don’t know it’s reliable for assuming any kind of trending.

Of course no one knows what the strange sound coming from the sky is.  The only thing that’s certain is people are speculating.  This is a list of what I’ve found:

  • the harbinger of the end of the world
  • electromagnetic waves being released by the earth portending a mega earthquake
  • the heavens announcing the Second Coming
  • proof the world will end
  •  demons
  • the gates of hell opening
  • the sounds of an inter-dimensional doorway being opened
  • the choir of heavenly host
  • a global secret weapon
  • magma movement
  • a viral 2012 end-of-world marketing hoax

You can view the HubPages article that I read here.

What do I think it is?  If I hadn’t heard it myself, I would vote for hoax.  But honestly, I haven’t a clue.  I wouldn’t even begin to guess.  I know it was strange.  I know I’ve never heard anything like it.  And I know I don’t know what it was.  Like others, I found it unnerving.  My curiosity is piqued.

So, if you haven’t decided that I’m a complete loon, freak or “one of those people” and you’re still reading, have you heard it?  What do you think it is?


15 thoughts on “Strange Sounds Coming from the Sky

    • I’ll definitely agree about the weather being wonky! As far as it being the cause, i wonder what in the atmosphere could generate such a sound? It’s really odd. I’m glad you gave me a read and didn’t dump me in the bin! Thank you, Andy.

  1. I live in Arizona and I’ve heard a strange and loud humming a couple of times. However, I had previously read reports like the ones you mentioned, therefore I’m not convinced now that what I heard wasn’t some more ordinary sound that my imagination transformed into something more sinister. Does that make sense?

    • It does make sense. It comes down to the concept of what’s called matrixing. It’s when the mind is confronted with confusing stimulus it will grapple to give it meaning based on past experience. It’s the same phenomenon behind people seeing face and animals in cloud formations, reflections in windows, etc. This is why I personally can’t draw any conclusion from it but confusion that it’s the same sound in all the other recordings, and it’s a sound I’ve never heard before. Any way I turn this one, it was just weird. Thank you for reading!

  2. I will say, though, that it was an odd sound. Like you described, it seemed to undulate. Despite what I said, it wasn’t really loud in volume, but felt like it would be loud at its source. It was pervasive, more like a vibration than an audible sound, but also like a groan. I couldn’t tell what direction it was coming from. Whatever it was, I’d rather not hear it again.

  3. Hello,
    I have had a few strange events happen to me in the last year. It was around March- April of last year that I was awoken by a very loud, strange sound. The sound was similar to an aeroplane/ helicopter however it was constant and felt like it was right above my house. The vibrations were felt through my body as if I had been touching a motorised object. I layed in bed wondering what the roaring sound could be and was scared out of my brain. The loud sounds that I heard lasted for more than half an hour. At the time I noticed the sky was unusually light but no full moon. The next morning I asked my husband if he had heard this noise. Unfortunately he had not and I remarked that if it was significant I’m sure that It would make the news the next day. Some time after this incident it happened again and I was trying so desperately to make sense of it, and put it down to drilling for roadworks etc. I had not heard this sound again until recently. This time it was different. It was still loud but more like a wavering sound that resembled a semitrailer thuddering. This occured around 2:00 am and lasted for a long time. I have heard it a few times since, but once again dismissed my experience as explanatory phenomenon. I was reading the news the other day and stumbled accross an article about strange sounds coming from the sky in another country. My curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the links………I was dumbfounded. The two different sounds I have heard were recorded by other people and it has left me feeling more confused than ever. Just like you, I want to know what it is and where it is coming from. Thank you for writing this article. It has made me feel a little less like a nut job and more like a person who had an experience with no explanation.

    • Hi Jo,

      First, thanks for reading. I can definitely understand the “I must be crazy” feeling. When you tell people, they immediately discredit your experience, citing some natural phenomenon you must not have considered. While I agree sometimes this is the case, it’s just so hard to convey to someone else who hasn’t shared the experience that it simply was unexplained. I think sharing experiences openly and honestly is the first step to figuring things out. We may never know, but as you say, at least we know we’re not alone. I’m so happy you chose to share. I hope more people will feel compelled to do the same. Thanks again!

      • I can’t believe other people heard that noise! I thought it was something that was going on in Macon, Georgia.
        Just the other day, I think it was the 20th, I was headed home from school and listening to the radio. The host on 95.1 said that some people in our area had reported hearing some strange sound from the sky that sounded like a humming sound, almost like a muffled snoring sound. I didnt really think anything of it because he said they heard the sound on January 11th and 12th, and that was a few days before. So, I figured it had already passed. Then later that night my boyfriend and I were riding our fourwheeler at my house, and I told him about the report on the radio. I thought it was kind of amusing so I decided to share it with him. Nothing of importance I thought. Later, we were babysitting in my living room, and watching tv with the kids. Being younger kids, of course they wanted the volume turned up really loud, so it was. Then, all of a sudden, I heard the sound. I looked at my boyfriend with a confused look to see if he was hearing it too, and he was. So we ran outside to see what it was. It didnt sound like a jet, or any other aircraft, so we were completely confused. There was nothing in the sky. No lights, no planes.. nothing. But the sound was everywhere. I turned my head to try and determine where the sound was coming from, and I couldnt figure it out. It was almost like something huge was hovering right above us. The sound lasted for about 45 seconds, and then it slowly echoed away. I still am clueless as to what the sound was, but I do know, our government knows something that they’re not telling us…

      • Thanks for sharing that, Hannah. I recently read it proposed that it has to do with the geomagnetic storms we’ve been experiencing and that humming is actually coming from the earth’s electromagnetic sphere; basically the Northern lights. You would think someone somewhere would be looking into this.

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  5. I live in Northern New Mexico, United States, our elevation is over 7500 ft and we are notorious for Area 51. About a month ago, my spousal equivalent woke me up about 2:30 in the morning and said there was something outside, we have one of those sleep machines that drowns out other noise (mostly my snoring) and he said the sounds (roaring hum) were so loud it woke him over the sounds of the sleep machine. There were bright lights in our yard and the static electricity in the house was so intense the hair on our arms and legs were standing straight up and the hair on our heads felt like it was moving. We watched the lights in the sky for about 30 minutes and then they just vanished. For about 10 days after that he was sick to his stomach and I had minor nose bleeds. I believe every word you wrote here and I will keep reading your blogs.

    • That would have been frightening, Katrina. I’ve still been mulling this over in my mind and it seems to me whatever is making the sound is electromagnetic in nature. The source is another matter. Your resulting illnesses would even suggest that possibility because I know high EMF can really mess a person up. It’s odd to me that given the widespread phenomenon that no one is “officially” looking into it. I realize it’s not easily reproducible but wouldn’t you like answers if they were possible?

  6. We would love answers, and we were both frightened, William even said a few days later that nothing has ever caught him off guard quite like that, it really unnerved him. We see unusual aircraft here all the time even during the day, but there are military bases not far away and we figure the government is testing something, however, whatever happened that night was different. I suspect the lack of admitted investigation is an indication that at least the United States government knows something and is keeping it under wraps.

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