The Loneliest Whale in the World

I’m re-blogging a sad but beautiful post. It’s very moving.

If you want to hear her actual song, you can go here:  The song of the 52hz whale.  It’s been sped up ten times to make it easier to hear.  It does pull at your heart.

meditative journey with saldage

For this week’s photo challenge, I am resharing a post that tells the story of the loneliest whale in the world.  It is one of my earliest post and still touches my heart today for I believe her story is not unlike so many people today. It is unlikely that her story doesn’t resonate with many of us, young and old.  

In 2004, The New York Times wrote an article about how, since 1992, scientists have been tracking a baleen whale named, “The 52 Hertz Whale.”  She swims and sings alone in our earth’s vast ocean:

She isn’t like any other baleen whale. Unlike all other whales, she doesn’t have friends. She doesn’t have a family. She doesn’t belong to any tribe, pack or gang. She doesn’t have a lover. She never had one.

Her songs come in groups of two to six calls, lasting for five to six seconds each. But her…

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9 thoughts on “The Loneliest Whale in the World

  1. I read the entire post and it is an amazingly simple, yet articulate work.
    A paradox indeed. Between the whale and us… outward characteristics, thing that unites contradictory qualities, yet so quaintly unified. In a strange but not unpleasant manner. Mirroring a connection between all of God’s creation.

      • Yes, it is, Jean. We sometimes believe nothing can surpass our own problems; they are so big and over whelming to us. We think that there’s no one who suffers loneliness, not like our own. We believe it to be tantamount to defeat. Then, suddenly it appears, something greater than me, something lonelier than I; something floating in a sea – greater than my life – and, ironic as it might seem, our sympathy shifts from our selves, to that other creature who suffers greater than us all!!!

        God bless, Jean.

      • I agree with you. After posting this re-blog, I found a link to her actual song which I’ve now included in the re-blog comment. I’m tempted to just meditate on it. It pulls at me so deeply.

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