Glenda Gloop’s Failed Surprise

Moribund the Shadow Thing moped over the cowering figure of Derp the Dwarf like a string mop stood on its handle.

“You bought her WHAT??”

“A-a box of chocolates,” Derp whined, wiping his toadstooly nose.

Moribund slapped his forehead.  Glenda Gloop, the Under the Sink Thing, was not a chocolates kind of gal.

“Why not a moldy sponge?  You know, something she might actually LIKE?”

Derp sighed.

“Everyone gets her moldy things.  I wanted to surprise her.”

“We need to rethink this.”

Moribund popped one of the chocolates and slowly chewed.

“I really hate Valentine’s Day.”

The above is an entry in the 100-Word Challenge I’ve started participating in.  If you’d like to know more about it or join in, click here.  This is a bit different than the Friday Drabble but just as fun!  The prompt was “…you bought her what…”

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21 thoughts on “Glenda Gloop’s Failed Surprise

    • These characters are springing out of thin air (or more correctly, creeping out of cracks and crevices) and taking on a life of their own. I see a possible young person’s novel if this continue to bloom… err fester. (These guys are scary but can’t do a thing right.)

      I’m glad it made you laugh. That was my aim!

  1. A great story. It made me smile, such wonderful imagery “Derp whined, wiping his toadstools nose.”
    Glenda Gloop, the Under the Sink Thing doesn’t sound like a chocolate kind of girl. I doubt if flowers would have worked either.

  2. I love the idea of so much going on under the sink. On second thoughts – do I love it? Maybe I should go and check under my sink? On third thoughts, better leave well alone…

  3. What a word smith we have here! This is such a great canter through such great vocabulary. Children would love it too I know! Thank you so much for taking the plunge and joining the 100WCGU!

  4. Super characters; agree with the others- children would love them. Smelly, ugly things nder the sink. Eurgh! Not really sure what you would get for one of those; certainly NOT chocolates! Pan scrapings maybe, good and burnt. This made me chuckle. Great post.

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