Pastel Dalliance

Morning comes shyly wrapped in a pastel gossamer gown.  Like buttery silk she flows across the eyes.  Lavender, gray and subtlest robin egg blue; a misty, smokey, mysterious woman is she.  Serene, she’s still pale-star-dusted from her late night dalliance; the barest blush still in her cheeks.  Softest wisps of silver-cloud-curls drift as she floats on a temple tapestry of flute, lost in her devotion, off to meet the afternoon.

A small stone in River of Stones entry.

Copyright Jean Mishra 2012

8 thoughts on “Pastel Dalliance

    • I’m glad you liked it! Early mornings have a unique quality here and that picture captures the colors perfectly. There is a small Shiva temple next to the gate of our community and in the early morning hours they play devotional music and the two kind of combine into something ethereal (except for the days they decide the volume has to be deafening… then not so much). On those days I have dark fantasies involved their loud speaker and a baseball bat.

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