Forever in a Grain of Salt

“How big is forever?”  Emily asked.

“Forever is as big as Always,” smiled her mother.

Emily frowned.  “I mean, how BIG is it?”

“Forever isn’t always big, Emily.  It can also be very tiny.”

Little Emily rested her chin on the table and fiddled with the salt shaker.  It fell over with a thunk and she sighed.

“I thought forever was big,” she insisted.

“Look,” said her mother sitting beside her, “see the salt that spilled?  It’s very tiny.”

“Salt isn’t Forever.”

“Are you sure?”

Emily squinted at it.

“Do you forget its flavor?”

“No,” said Emily and suddenly smiled.

MS Word Count:  100

This is a creative writing piece for the Friday Drabble.

Copyright Jean Mishra 2012

18 thoughts on “Forever in a Grain of Salt

  1. Very nice piece. Yes, it does make one think of their own existence and the time we will be….. yet, in the minds and hearts of others, we live on….. it is both short and long… or, long and short. Depending upon the existence or existence or memory… we live on…. forever?

    • Years back I discovered I had a habit I wasn’t even aware of. I always considered infinity incorrectly. I viewed it (erroneously) as all things bigger than I was aware of, i.e. the macrocosm. What I didn’t consider was the microcosm. I have no clue why I thought this way but the realization was wonderful. Hence, “forever” isn’t necessarily big as perceived by the child (who is making that same assumption). Suddenly the thing about remembering the flavor of salt was just there on the page. I liked the way it applied but also stretched the mind in so many directions I left it where it was.

    • I giggle every time I write “thanks, Mom” here. I appreciate so much that you don’t get bored with my constant “blog bombs” and I also appreciate that you take the time to comment. Sometimes it’s a scary thing to click the “publish” button but your encouragement always helps. I’m glad you liked it!

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