Make White

I’m reblogging this because I’m just nuts about things like this and I think those who follow my blog will enjoy it as much as I did!

New Heaven on Earth!

Rare sightings of pure white animals have peaked my curiosity lately. ( In England a rare white stag has been photographed. Lately there have been several great white shark sightings in San Diego, a once rare event. What is up with all the white?

White is associated with newness, passages, initiation, awakening, nourishment, purity, illumination, or the sum of all colors: God’s radiance, pearl of great price, milk, purity of attention, pristine snow. There is something sacred and holy about the hush and beauty of newly fallen snow illumined in the sunlight. Purity of attention, or presence, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself or others. Pure Presence is rare, precious, mystical and will be increasingly possible as more and more are awakening.

Another rare event is seeing a white lion. Legends proclaim that white lions have magical powers:

The legend of the white calf and…

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