You Lucky Buffalo…

For my readers who wanted to know more about life in India… this is an every day “problem” for commuters here.  Beautifully written.

Mathangi Jeyabaul

We usually use the word buffalo as a derogatory term. “You stupid buffalo”. “Fat Buffalo” . “Don’t behave like a Buffalo”. Most of us get irritated with the fact, that the Buffalo does not care about our pace of life.

You want to fly to your office (you are already half an hour late and the monstrous face of your boss has just replaced the happy family picture you carry in your wallet ) – and there it is! A buffalo. Right in your path. Trudging along slowly. And deciding to sit down – in the middle of the road. Slush down its back. All dried up. Slowly chewing cud. Spittle drooling over. Lazily whisking away flies that dare come near it.  And it looks at you – with the one expression you do not want to see right then. Indifference.

The Buffalo does not care. You may want to…

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2 thoughts on “You Lucky Buffalo…

  1. Thanks for sharing, my spousal equivalent is Native American and we have our own impressions with the American buffalo, this was interesting.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this. When you hear the term “complacent cow” it really does apply to the buffalo and cows around here. They definitely have their own world.

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