The Stranger’s Eyes

She stands before me.  No smile graces her lips.  Her face is as slack and unmoving as death:  first young, then aged, the years morphing through a kaleidoscopic march of time to go around and come around again.   But her eyes shine with unwavering life.  It anchors my gaze.  My curiosity sticks to it like glue.

What does she want?  There’s a question lying somewhere behind the irises, deep down, resting on the bottom of the black pools of the pupils.  I can almost see it there, some pearlescent sheen reflecting the beacon light of my interest.

Then a familiar voice brushes my mind, a faraway breath whispering, “Who am I?  Do you dare?”

I study her face again.  Nothing in her expression has changed, but the gauntlet has been laid.  Something hitches in my chest:  a fluttering.  A desperate little bird clings to the cage bars of my ribs seeking a hasty escape.  Is it excitement?  Anticipation?  Fear?

A deep breath releases the bird in a sigh and I briefly watch it go before returning to my quest.  I do want to swim.  Those black waters seem calmer now, more inviting.  Less dangerous.  I dip a toe meaning only to test but the water swallows me and down I go like a stone, my curiosity lending its weight as I plummet.

I search for the question I know is there.  I am diving for pearls after all.  The answer shines like a flashlight guiding my way.  And there is the pearl.  I see it just as the answer-light swallows it and it’s gone.  Then the pearl-answer-light swallows the darkness, every last drop, as if parched from an unfathomable thirst.  I rise to the surface without so much as a twitch as the depths and the surface have risen and descended to meet each other:  to become one.  I find it all right where it began.

I’m standing in front of the mirror again.  My reflection still gazes serenely back at me.  The question is satisfied.  We aren’t quite the strangers we were.  But this time we smile.


10 thoughts on “The Stranger’s Eyes

    • Thank you, Judith. You made me feel so much better. I literally hated this after I published it. I’m still not very warm to it, but it is what it is I guess. Thanks for reading!

  1. Hi Jean
    Thanks for ‘Liking’ the post called “Spread Love” ( on my Blog Please follow my blog to get channelled messages of Peace, Love and Light emailed to you as I post them.

    Here is the latest message that I posted in the last hour.

    Thank you for the interesting things that you write on your blog
    Love and Light

    “Know the value of LOVE”

    Messages have been extended to you asking for actions to come from the heart. Perhaps we need to clarify this to make it even easier to be understood.

    Value love. Give it the highest value, like you value money. Love has the higher value. Actions in the name of love hold all the components because it will allow compassion, understanding, harmony, kindness, the caring – these are the things that hold true value. A bank balance won’t do it. The heart holds the power and will supply all that is needed.

    We hope this is clear because very important to change the value understanding. We have told you that all life is precious; we have asked you to live from the heart.

    We hope that this message clarifies the importance that humankind should place on love.


  2. WOW. that was what I said after reading this! You are one wonderful, intriguing writer!!! Wow!!
    Linda …PS, I know that “hate” feeling, it’s a “writer’s affliction”, the worst part is that once in a while you are right, it really isn’t good and you will regret publishing forever……Comforting? Yes, No?

    • Well, I figure I always have a shot at redeeming myself with something much better down the road. This one seems to have some deeper internal things working around it. If it entertains someone, then I can feel somewhat satisfied. Thanks for your input, as always, Linda.

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