Hope in a Sklortch

Moribund The Shadow Thing hovered in the dusty gloom of the attic licking his wounds.  They were still raw after the Valentine’s Day Disaster.  He draped himself over the rafters like a sullen cob web and swore off females for the 302nd time.

“Love.  PAH!” he spat.

Something down in the darkness sklortched.


His heart flew into his throat and fluttered there like a moth.  It was Glenda Gloop.  She had come from the under the sink.  Up here.  Looking for him.  Conflicting emotions burned like a cinder.  What should he do?

Unexpected hope exploded.


Eyes closed, he leaped…

The above is my entry for the 100-Word-Challenge. The subject this week was “taking a leap of faith.”

Previous 100-word installments in the Moribund saga:

20 thoughts on “Hope in a Sklortch

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  3. Another wonderful tale in the series.
    Poor old Moribund just when he decides to give up women along pops Glenda Gloop – how could anyone resist her.

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