The Stranger’s Eyes

She stands before me.  No smile graces her lips.  Her face is as slack and unmoving as death:  first young, then aged, the years morphing through a kaleidoscopic march of time to go around and come around again.   But her eyes shine with unwavering life.  It anchors my gaze.  My curiosity sticks to it like glue.

What does she want?  There’s a question lying somewhere behind the irises, deep down, resting on the bottom of the black pools of the pupils.  I can almost see it there, some pearlescent sheen reflecting the beacon light of my interest.

Then a familiar voice brushes my mind, a faraway breath whispering, “Who am I?  Do you dare?”

I study her face again.  Nothing in her expression has changed, but the gauntlet has been laid.  Something hitches in my chest:  a fluttering.  A desperate little bird clings to the cage bars of my ribs seeking a hasty escape.  Is it excitement?  Anticipation?  Fear?

A deep breath releases the bird in a sigh and I briefly watch it go before returning to my quest.  I do want to swim.  Those black waters seem calmer now, more inviting.  Less dangerous.  I dip a toe meaning only to test but the water swallows me and down I go like a stone, my curiosity lending its weight as I plummet.

I search for the question I know is there.  I am diving for pearls after all.  The answer shines like a flashlight guiding my way.  And there is the pearl.  I see it just as the answer-light swallows it and it’s gone.  Then the pearl-answer-light swallows the darkness, every last drop, as if parched from an unfathomable thirst.  I rise to the surface without so much as a twitch as the depths and the surface have risen and descended to meet each other:  to become one.  I find it all right where it began.

I’m standing in front of the mirror again.  My reflection still gazes serenely back at me.  The question is satisfied.  We aren’t quite the strangers we were.  But this time we smile.

Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments: Tag, I’m It!

Linda Williams of Heartwinds was gracious to nominate/tag me for Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments.  To quote Linda about Mrs. Sparkly:

“I am certain that Mrs. Sparkly, a woman of high expectations, commitment and integrity would agree with this approach. She is notable,  respected in her own community and likely to be peering down upon us; possibly spell checking and taking notes that feed into a mammoth government information data collection system (MGIDCS). She may have been recruited because of her discretion and integrity even behind closed doors.”

The rules of engagement are:

Ten Questions must be answered with complete honesty or Mrs. Sparkly will find you. Mrs. Sparkly-we love you. We Do! Manners and behavior, words beyond reproach…  Then tag five other people.

The Ten Questions:

1.Describe yourself in seven words.

Curious, creative, obsessive, moody, whimsical, deep, conflicted

2.  What keeps you up at night?

The word factory between my ears keeps me awake.  If I go to sleep with something unwritten, there is no sleep to be had until I get up, turn the computer back on, and bang the words out onto my keyboard.  Then when my head is empty I can sleep.

3.  Whom would you like to be?

I would like to be me.  I can’t be anyone else.  I wouldn’t know how even though I’ve tried.  It’s a dreadful thing to try to be someone else.  The only qualifier I’d slap on this is that I’d like to be me fully realized but I know this is an ideal I may never hold in my hand.

4.  What are you wearing now?

This is one of those things where fiction would definitely be more interesting than the reality.  Fictionally, I’m wearing a purple superior hero unitard with coordinating cape and identity-concealing little face mask, ready to fork out justice with hands on hip in a wide-legged stance and hair billowing in the wind.  But, quite blandly, the reality is I’m wearing a comfy t-shirt and sweat pants.  I know.  “Zzzzz.”

5.  What scares you?

Oh all those unfounded worries scuttling around in my head.  The “what ifs” and “could be’s”.   Insidious little things like spiders with too many legs. They also don’t like to die no matter how hard or how many times you swat them.

6.  What are the best and worst things about blogging?

The best thing about blogging is allows me to express myself.  The worst thing about blogging is the occasional day when I have no clue what to blog about.

7.  What was the last website you looked at?

WordPress.Com.  You mean, there might be OTHERS??!!  I stare at this one all day long!

8.  If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Only one thing?  But I have this list…  It’s as thick as a phone book so this might take some time to decide on only one.  I’ll get back to you.

9.  Slankets, yes or no?

Neither.  I have no clue what a “slanklet” is.  If I find out, I’m afraid I’ll want these slanklet things and I’m sure they won’t be available in India.  And if they are, they will be too small because I’m just a white amazon floating in a sea of very beautiful tiny-boned brown women.  So…  maybe I’ll amend my answer to “no.”  (Swats at one of those spidery “could-be’s” as it scuttles by…)

10. Tell us something about the person who tagged you.

Linda is an extraordinary human being.  She is so multi-dimensional I don’t know where to begin.  She is eloquent, intelligent and full of grace.  Do visit.

I’m passing Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments on to:

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Have fun!

One Lovely Surprise. One Lovely Blog Award!

Arindam of Being Arindam has thoughtfully awarded my blog the One Lovely Blog Award.  I’m so grateful for his continued recognition and appreciation.  If you haven’t read Arindam’s blog, I would encourage you to do so.  He handles his topics with sensitivity and insight and is always a pleasant read.

One Lovely Blog Award Rules:

  1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
  2. Pass the award to 15 other newly discovered blogs.
  3. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

The 15 blogs I pass the One Lovely Blog Award on to are:

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Here’s your Award!  Enjoy!

Champis: The Bunny Who Herds Sheep

Champis the Sheep Herding Bunny

Meet Champis, a 5-year old mixed-breed rabbit and pet of Nils-Erik and Greta Vigren, who is quickly becoming a YouTube and online sensation.  Little Champis lives in the village of Kal in north Sweden.  What makes Champis extraordinary is his uncanny natural ability to herd the Vigren’s sheep.

This behavior was noticed last spring when the Vigren’s first turned their sheep out to pasture after a long winter.  Little Champis hopped along, keeping them in line just as the sheepdogs do.  Even more remarkable is the fact Champis was never trained to herd.  He’s apparently picked up his skill by watching the other sheepdogs.

Dan Westman, a sheepdog breeder who shot and posted the video of his friends’ remarkable bunny, said he was in awe when he first witnessed the phenomenon, noting Champis does the job even better than most dogs would.

“It’s really incredible, it’s a herding rabbit,” he said. “He rounds them up, and if they get close to escaping through the gate he sometimes stops them,” he said.

“I mean I work with sheepdogs and know how hard this is. There are very few dogs that could do what this rabbit does.”

According to the Vigrens, Champis also looks after the hens.

“He just started to behave like a sheepdog,” Greta said, adding that while he likes to round up the sheep, he is consistent about leaving the farm’s hens alone, treating them more gently.

“He’s like a king for the whole group. He thinks he rules over both the sheep and the hens. He has a very big ego.”

The amazing thing is the sheep pay attention to the little bunny and take him quite seriously, paying their minder a load of respect.

Watch little Champis in action.  Seeing is believing!

You can see the full article here.

Make White

I’m reblogging this because I’m just nuts about things like this and I think those who follow my blog will enjoy it as much as I did!

New Heaven on Earth!

Rare sightings of pure white animals have peaked my curiosity lately. ( In England a rare white stag has been photographed. Lately there have been several great white shark sightings in San Diego, a once rare event. What is up with all the white?

White is associated with newness, passages, initiation, awakening, nourishment, purity, illumination, or the sum of all colors: God’s radiance, pearl of great price, milk, purity of attention, pristine snow. There is something sacred and holy about the hush and beauty of newly fallen snow illumined in the sunlight. Purity of attention, or presence, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself or others. Pure Presence is rare, precious, mystical and will be increasingly possible as more and more are awakening.

Another rare event is seeing a white lion. Legends proclaim that white lions have magical powers:

The legend of the white calf and…

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If God Was a Cursor

As I sat on my usual perch in front of my computer screen, I pondered the empty document staring back at me.  The cursor sat there blinking at me, expectantly.  Blink… blink… blink… blink.  With each blink it grew larger, or perhaps the rest grew smaller:  who’s to say.  The cursor became all there was and everything else melted away.  Only the blinking cursor and the vast white sea remained.

Blink… blink… blink… blink.

Suddenly, this unexpected guru standing straight and tall in its white void realm, spoke.

“Imagine passing from this life a stranger to yourself,” it said.  “Like leaving behind an irreplaceable half-read novel and never knowing the outcome of the story.”

I was the one blinking now.

Blink… blink… blink… blink.

I was holding my breath.  It blinked back, seemingly equally poised, waiting for me.  I dared a thought but the thought appeared as a single character and nothing more.


“Write the words,” it commanded.

I obeyed:

Imagine passing from this life a stranger to yourself.  Like leaving behind an irreplaceable half-read novel and never knowing the outcome of the story.

I waited.

Blink… blink… blink… blink.

“Read them,” it requested.

I did and waited.

Blink… blink… blink… blink.

“Now sink in them.”

I did.  And as I did, I slowly began reading the silent novel of myself.  I carefully turn each pristine page.  Even though all the pages are blank I just can’t seem to put it down.

Forever in a Grain of Salt

“How big is forever?”  Emily asked.

“Forever is as big as Always,” smiled her mother.

Emily frowned.  “I mean, how BIG is it?”

“Forever isn’t always big, Emily.  It can also be very tiny.”

Little Emily rested her chin on the table and fiddled with the salt shaker.  It fell over with a thunk and she sighed.

“I thought forever was big,” she insisted.

“Look,” said her mother sitting beside her, “see the salt that spilled?  It’s very tiny.”

“Salt isn’t Forever.”

“Are you sure?”

Emily squinted at it.

“Do you forget its flavor?”

“No,” said Emily and suddenly smiled.

MS Word Count:  100

This is a creative writing piece for the Friday Drabble.

Copyright Jean Mishra 2012

Tiny Wonders

“I searched for myself in the mountain but found it in a grain of sand.” — Jean Mishra.

This is a photo of sand magnified 250 times through the microphotographic talents of Gary Greenberg.

Grains of sand magnified 250 times

Dr. Greenberg is an artist, inventor and scientist.  He’s devoted his life to revealing the unspeakable and delicate beauty of nature.

Rosemary magnified 125 times

He earned a Ph.D. in biomedical research and went on to invent high-definition, 3-dimensional light microscopes and was issued 18 different U.S. patents.

Rose zindanfel wine magnified 300 times

He began his career as a photographer and filmmaker.  His work includes the first Superman movie.  He transformed human pancreatic cancer cells into the planet Krypton.

Sugar magnified 125 times

What appears to be a colorful modern abstract sculpture is sugar magnified 125 times.

A basil leaf magnified 125 times

This dew covered field is a basil leaf magnified 125 times.

Dragon fruit magnified 125 times

A fantasy amethyst cave is really a dragon fruit magnified 125 times.

A strawberry magnified 125 times

An amber jewel atop a ruby mountain is a strawberry magnified 125 times.

Grain of sand magnified 125 times

A star is a grain of sand.

Sand magnified 250 times

Dr. Gary Greenberg has shown us the beauty of the universe isn’t just in the grandeur of it’s vastness, but is equally in its minutiae.  He’s shown us there is tremendous beauty in the things so easily glanced over.  Art is everywhere, even in the dust.

See Dr. Greenberg’s pictures of the moon dust collected during the Apollo 11 moon mission here.

Moon dust

Blogging the Leap Year 2012

If you haven’t visited yet and you’re a blogger, don’t miss out!

The folks at explain:  “ is a global blogging project that will cross all age groups and continents. As soon as Feb 29th 2012 begins in Tonga, the will open up for posts for one day only. This blog will capture posts from all over our planet on this rare day until midnight in the Western Pacific. The result will not only be a celebration of technology, but a celebration of audience and purpose…”

If you want to be a part of this special Leap Year blogging event, visit their website, subscribe and pass the word!  I’ll be there, will you?