The Wooden Horse-Beastie

Photo courtesy of Julia's Place

The dwarf twins, Derp and Herp, stood pondering the object.  It perplexed them both, which wasn’t necessarily a hard thing to do.  Derp absent-mindedly rubbed his toad-stool nose and Herp’s roving eye wandered in a different direction entirely.

Derp broke the silence first.

“A horse-beastie made out of wood is an odd thing to find.”

Herp blinked his good eye and tried to look at it harder.  His bad eye was too busy watching a butterfly.

“I wonder how fast it goes?”  Herp asked.

Derp resisted the urge to slap his forehead and rolled his eyes.

“Does stupid hurt, Herp?”

The above is my entry for the 100-Word-Challenge. The prompt this week was the photo posted above.

To see other entries, and more installments of this saga, go here.

16 thoughts on “The Wooden Horse-Beastie

  1. Does stupid hurt? Lol, I love this, I love all of your characters, and would especially love to see them all brought togethoer into a book. Your tales always bring me a smile.

  2. I just love Derp and Herb too, and it’s always a pleasure to catch up with them in bite size chunks. It would be nice to catch up with them in a jolly good lump too – they deserve to star in their own book!

    • I’m really glad you enjoy. This feedback really helps. It’s hard to know in just 100 words if you’ve managed to tell the story or not because there is so much left inside your head that doesn’t make it onto the page. I hope to start that book later this year. All thanks to the 100-Word-Challenge!

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