Don’t Open the Red One

The red box sat on the toadstool tempting as a strawberry.  Next to it was its twin, less noticeably brown.  Herp The-Not-So-Clever Dwarf pondered this boxy mystery as the woodsy-shadows grew longer.  Even his ever-wandering eye stopped wandering; mesmerized.

“What do you suppose is inside?”  he asked Derp, his twin brother.

Derp was rear-to-him and busy wrestling a salamander from under a log.

“Whatever you do, don’t open them,” he grunted.

Too late.  Herp had vanished into the woods, a flurry of scurrying feet wailing like a siren as the contents of the red box pondered Derp’s behind with glowing eyes.

The above is my entry for the 100-Word-Challenge. The prompt this week was “…the red box…”

To see other entries, and more installments of this saga, go here.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Open the Red One

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  2. I always find it amazing that each week I never read other entries before writing my own. Then when I come to read others, I find there’s always at least one on the same track as mine. Maybe as we all read each others’ each week, we gain influence from each other. I love the mystical quality of your writing and like to think it has influenced my writing this week.

    • I need to hop on over and read your’s. I’ve read the first several but haven’t been able to get back to it until tonight. I think that maybe we do influence each other in a way. As they say, you can’t write well without also reading and I think reading works by others helps us grow. Thanks for reading mine!

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