Why I Don’t Use the Word “God”

Those of you who regularly visit this blog know the subject of most of my posts is spiritual or inspirational in nature.  I deviate occasionally into creative writing or sharing an interesting bit of news, but the crux is spiritual.  There is something interesting about this blog, however, you may not have noticed.  Very rarely will you find the word “God”.

I know there are people out there that would find this offensive.  There are probably those who find it at the least odd and in the extreme even atheistic.  How is it possible to write about spirituality without mentioning God?

I don’t use the word “God” because I feel it ultimately causes confusion, even if it’s on a subconscious level.  I leave God as the implication behind the words.  If you believe and how you believe are left entirely and respectfully up to you.

Evoking the word “God” is inevitably emotionally provocative.  People have strong ideas either for or against the subject and how they arrange their beliefs around it.  It’s a very personal thing and probably the most highly-valued and protected opinion an individual holds.

But here’s the tricky part.  Although people may share similar ideas about what or who God is, no two viewpoints will ever be identical.  What I experience and how I perceive something will always be undeniably a bit different than anyone else.  Perspective is always unique and in this I find a beauty so sacred I simply don’t want to disturb the stillness of your waters.  I want to leave the God experience utterly untouched so your own experiencing is pure and unsullied.

Regardless of how you believe in God, which God you believe in, or if you subscribe to any God-belief at all, I want my readers to be able to find a little pebble of inspiration somewhere in my words that’s been left undisturbed just for them to find.  Truth, as they say, is where you find.  I hope you find a little bit here.


10 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Use the Word “God”

  1. I, for one, like that. I have to say that to myself the word “God” is simply a title just like “president” is a title. So it is a hollow word to me. I much prefer to hear Christians use the Old Testaments name for the true God, which has nearly been removed from all bible translations except for the Holy Bible, American Standard Version published by Star, yr 1901. I think that I had that right. LOL. I had to special order that bible to get it in the text that has since been replaced. Anyhow, I can’t say I am religious but I do have a faith….spirituality. And it is a path I am on now. ♥

  2. It really doesn’t matter whether you, or anyone for that matter, uses the word “God.” Just semantics, linguistics, another word for the human mind to intellectualize over (and then for humans to fight over). The human mind: So frightfully funny, yet hopelessly engaging. What a sadistic sense of humor this God has. It may be better to just refer to God as “LOL”. Yes, “Lots of Laughter” in blogging parlance.

    • Yep. That’s why I refrain when trying to make a spiritual point. I was really hoping to get folks talking on this one. It’s great to see the different perspectives. I love it!

      • I know you are from the USA but currently residing in India, as you stated elsewhere in your site. What, may I ask, are you doing there, and which part of India are you in? Rather curious here.

        I also wanted to ask you if you have read the Upanishads of India? In particular the Katha Upanishad which I like very much.

      • I remarried to an Indian man, and we decided to set up our household here in India. I’ve always been drawn to the culture so decided to dive right in. We live in the northern part, not far from Delhi.

        I’m familiar with the Upanishads, but have not read the one you mentioned.

  3. I agree with Marc above. The word god is just that a word. A name for an entity. I never use the word except when I exlaim OMG. For me there is a higher power out there, but just what it is I have devoted much of my life to studying.
    I do think that I am a spiritual being as we all are. I shall continue to read your bkiog and engage in conversation from time to time.

    • Thanks so much, Judith. The farther my own journey went, the more it became just a word, however as a result my spirituality deepened. So it was never a rejection of “god”, just the term. Thanks for your input!

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