The Last Battle

This is my entry for this week’s 100-Word Challenge for Adults.  The challenge this week was to use the words:  “LIBERTY, EMPIRE, APPLE, YELLOW, and  ENORMOUS” to create a story of 100-words.


Elijah Red and Portnoy Yellow stood gazing into the boughs of their creation.  Their efforts had come to fruition.  It was time.

The Kingdom of the Red Apple had forever been at odds with the Yellow Apple Empire.  The feud was threatening to explode again.  The younger generation needed antiquated-reminding there must be difference or both worlds would crumble.  War was imminent.

Elijah  grinned.  “This ought to set them on their ears.”

“Hope so,” Portnoy nodded.

Together the old men reached up and plucked another enormous half-yellow half-red apple from the tree.

“What shall we call them?”  Portnoy asked.


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16 thoughts on “The Last Battle

  1. When I finished reading your take on the challenge I said out loud to my empty room, “OH! That is friggin unreal!” Love, love, love it! I am now your lemming (heeheehee).

    • I read your comment and squealed with laughter to an equally empty room. Isn’t the world of writing wonderful that way? Is the room ever really empty? And I love lemmings! Such cute little furries. The more the merrier. Thanks so much for reading and for leaving a comment. It’s very appreciated.

  2. Sandra, sometimes I wonder if the routine gets boring, but yes it’s a tendency. I think maybe I need to stretch my boundaries into places I haven’t gone yet but I’m so full of these “messages” I want to holler… especially in a world so bent on negativism, violence, and separatism. I appreciate you reading and equally leaving a comment. Thank you!

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