8 thoughts on “Beautiful Illusion

    • Thanks, Char! As always I appreciate your time and your comments! Color is something I think about a lot. It’s the fact that it actually doesn’t exist in the physical world as anything more than the play of light on surfaces and receptors. When I imagine a world without color… well, I just can’t imagine it!

  1. Fabulous I love it, I almost wish the words came before the image as the photo is so beautiful it overwhelms the words beneath. Your words are just as beautiful and should be more prominent. Bonne Continuation Jean 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Claire. I read your blog often and this is a very appreciated compliment. I am so in love with that picture. Sometimes I open it just to look at it. The subtle colors and the tenderness of those blooms just gets to me.

      • Actually I wanted to ask (but didn’t want to move the focus away from your own beautiful work) if you are familiar with the work of Warwick Orme? I have a beautiful picture book of his photogrpahs of flowers that is my absolute favourite, I love his work, his pictures and also the words he uses. Now I feel inspired to reread it and share it. But I do hope you either know of it or come across it. I feel exactly the sentiment you describe when I look at his work. Thank you too for being a regular follower. 🙂

      • I’m not familiar with him but I’ll definitely make myself so as soon as possible. Sometimes a good picture is just as deep and touching as a good book. Thank you for passing that information on! I hope others will look him up too.

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