Delicate Divas: The Floral Portraiture of Warwick Orme

Bluemoon by Warwick Orme, Floranova

I’m a flower lover.  There’s just something in the color and delicacy of the bloom that touches something deep in me.  I find unspeakable power in the frailty and impermanence.  Someone asked me once if I could choose what I would be in my next life, what would I choose?  Without hesitation my reply was, “A flower.”  To live with such splendor, grace and fragrance for but a short time would outrival the glory of a thousand human lifetimes.

Thanks to Claire of Word by Word, I’ve been introduced to the works of Warwick Orme.  If you’re a flower lover or a lover of natural art and aren’t familiar with his work, I’ve included a few of them here. To quote Warwick’s website Floranova:

“If Joseph Banks and a light-box could bear a child (and not for want of trying), that child would be Warwick Orme. Moving from a career in fashion to the calmer waters of floral portraiture, the hard drive of his computer reads like the herbarium of London’s Natural History Museum.”

Warwick was born in Australia in 1961.  Through the love of his family’s garden a lifelong passion for all things growing was born.  His passion for photography bloomed in high school as a distraction from more tedious schoolwork but a wise and well-loved art teacher helped steer his endeavors into a productive direction in the form of photography competitions and work for the school magazine.  His talents blossomed even further during his college years.

Launching into a career in fashion he became best known for his high-art technique of shooting models against a black background producing flawless and timeless picturesque divas.  This same vision was later translated to his portraiture of flowers.

Below are a few examples of his work.  Please visit Floranova to see much more of his work.

Stevie by Warwick Orme, Floranova

Delp by Warwick Orme, Floranova

mtb by Warwick Orme, Floranova

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4 thoughts on “Delicate Divas: The Floral Portraiture of Warwick Orme

  1. Overjoyed that you found him, isn’t the BlueMoon just exquisite? In the books he writes about colour through the flowers, it generates a feeling of total immersion and is thoroughly pleasant. Thanks for sharing Jean. Beautiful.

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  3. I would like to know the names of these flowers if they are available. For example: what is the botanical name of “Bluemoon” by Warwick Orme, Floranova. Thank you.

    • Susan, I’m glad you fell in love with Warwick’s work as much as I did. It’s so unique. Unfortunately, I don’t have the information you’re asking for, but if you follow the link to his official site you may be able to contact him for the specific information. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! I’m a bit greenthumb-challenged. Thanks for reading!

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