What is Love?

A lifetime can be spent trying to define and understand “love” but the realization of what Love is can come in an instant of inner stillness.  It’s not something you or another being can make or will to be.  It doesn’t exist in the realm of the intellect, so it isn’t born of the mind.  Instead, it’s feeling the experience of Existence’s awareness that you, in your uniqueness, also exist.  This Love Force flows through you and is reflected back to you always in the vast spectrum of your life.  It’s only through self-inflicted delusions that you are ever apart from it. To be conscious of it is to be Love incarnate.  Suffering melts away and all that’s left is the soft glow of Love.  Like the most pleasantly warm healing water, it surrounds us and carries us, from beginning to end and beyond.  Be Love and you shine forth like a beacon lighting the way for others.


5 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Wow! Beautiful. Your words touch upon truths so poetically…and I am in awe of the pictures you find to go with your posts. They are amazing.

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