The One True Religion–Returning Home

With few exceptions, most religions claim to be “the one true religion”.  It doesn’t take a magnifying glass to see there’s a hole in that statement big enough to drive a bus through.  I agree with it in one respect; an individual’s religion (or belief system) is their one true religion.  But to apply this to the whole of humanity has, in this writer’s opinion, caused more strife than it’s done good.  Peace can’t live where judgmentalism reigns.  It divides people, and, as a wise man once said, a house divided against its self cannot stand.  All you have to do is turn on the news to see things are still crumbling.

Why is this?  Why would a belief systems sporting the messages of peace, love and wholeness for humankind single themselves out excluding all others?  Why are people leaving religion in droves at time in history we need it more than ever?  It seems the reason is twofold as every religion shares two common aspects.

There is the exoteric level of the religion which is the outer layer of the belief.  This layer concerns itself with customs, doctrines, rules and rituals.  This is how the religion is applied outwardly or physically by its members, both as individuals and as groups, for a harmonious society.

Then there is the esoteric level.  This is the inner core of the belief which is and can be only highly personal.  On this inner level the individual communes directly with the Divine.  Here there are no dogmas or doctrines.  There is only the guiding light of intuition as an open and running dialogue with Divinity.

The exoteric outer level, in many ways, is the easiest layer to embrace and follow.  Everything is already laid out. The esoteric level, however, confounds and confuses; quite understandably so.  This is the layer that requires an ability to be in touch with your own intuitive nature and to have the courage to follow it within so a deep and personal relationship with Divinity itself can be nurtured.

What we have are societies which have strongly politicized religious beliefs and weakened, or all but forgotten, nurturing internal communion en masse.  The resulting division is the root of a lot of disharmony and disdain in the world.  The outer aspect has become so overdeveloped, the inner aspect has grown pale in its shadow.  It’s gone largely forgotten in the hullabaloo but it remains essential.  It’s in the inner land of the esoteric where division dissolves and unity becomes reality.

You can replace a light bulb a million times, but you won’t get light until you turn on the switch.  You can watch your neighbor replace light bulbs all day long.  You can appreciate the glow from other windows.  But you’ll never have your own light until you walk to that switch in your own home and flip it up.

Now imagine crowds of people throwing light bulbs at each other in anger because theirs won’t light or the brand isn’t the same.  Seems kind of futile, doesn’t it?

All it takes is the willingness and the desire to enter and nurture that esoteric level and embrace the intuition we all possess to know our Home.  All we have to do is enter our Home and flip that switch.  Then a real relationship with Divinity will ignite which will never burn out.  It’s just a matter of turning within and entering the stillness.

“Put not your faith in miracles performed by the hands of men, for He who rules nature is alone capable of doing supernatural things, while man is impotent to arrest the wrath of the winds or cause the rain to fall.

“One miracle, however, is within the power of man to accomplish.  It is, when his heart is filled with sincere faith, he resolves to root out from his mind all evil promptings and desires, and when, in order to attain this end, he ceases to walk the path of iniquity.”

–In the Buddhist scrolls discovered in a Tibetan lamasery and published by Nicholas Notovitch, Jesus was quoted saying the above in Discourse 5.

Remember the miracle of our ability to intuitively return Home.  Nourish a relationship with Divinity there.  Know peace and be the peace this world so desperately needs—one light at a time.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”—Mahatma Gandhi


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