Being Honest

Honesty is born in the Heart not in the Mind.

However, don’t confuse feeling emotions with the Voice of the Heart.  Emotions, although experienced in the heart, are born in the Mind.  They are the vaporous feelings of thoughts which move through the Heart like clouds.  They are the Truth of your thoughts asking to be recognized.

The Heart knows only the Stillness from which it was born and speaks the only language it knows.  Truth.  Bend an inner and listen.  Let its Voice become your own.  Clarity will burn the clouds away and honesty effortlessly becomes the way of life.


6 thoughts on “Being Honest

  1. Huh – at first I was resisting the idea that emotions were of the mind and not the heart…but then I realized you’re right – because the way we receive/interpret something is what brings our emotions into it…so when we receive from a “oh, this is a blessing” perspective, we feel blessed. Beautiful entry and photo!

    • I resisted too. When I realized the seat of my emotions were my thoughts it was a huge “ah ha!” moment for me. Being a Cancer I’m a walking emotional roller coaster. It’s taken a life’s journey to begin to unravel what emotions really are and what they can tell us. The feeling we experience should tell us a lot about our thinking. If the emotion doesn’t feel good, then reassessing probably is in our best interest. We’re either viewing something from a negative perspective or making a decision or choice we don’t really want to make. And we lie to ourselves so easily, with good intentions, and often times without realizing it. Being consciously at the center of the “storm” instead of flying about in the debris is where clarity comes into play and honesty with ourselves and others is instantaneous. Thanks for reading and I really appreciate your comment!

  2. I agree. I also know that emotions are oftentimes a habit…..usually these habits are formed at an early age….so diagnosing them is hard for they are hard to see and find to unravel them….there are many things we could benefit from by meditating and searching these things out, reevaluating the things we think and feel….turns out the person we are now is much more mature and developed through experience than our old lingering emotions and habits tell us we are…..the conflict is felt when we are confused and or discouraged….we go about making the changes and falling back into old patterns….because we have not seen the root or source of the issue in most cases…..
    your post here got me thinking and I very much enjoyed it….I always appreciate an intellectual mind stimulation and or challenge….. 🙂

    • I agree with you 100% that thought patterns and the resulting emotions can be deeply embedded habits. We do it to ourselves! Silly, isn’t it? I have a friend who is prone to depression. I mentioned to her to watch the words formed in her thoughts and her speech. When she realized she was saying “I AM depressed,” “I AM unhappy,” etc. she was literally taking that emotion and creating an identity for herself with it. I suggested she try to catch herself and instead say “I FEEL depressed,” etc. as a first step to changing the way she was viewing herself and her life. I know I’ve struggled lifelong with over-identifying with emotions instead of just experiencing them and letting them pass. Yes, I can be the proverbial “drama queen” but I’m finally willing to let it go. It’s tiring and uncomfortable!

      I’m glad you enjoyed and it got you thinking. I very much appreciate your comment! I love to hear what other people are thinking about these things. Thanks again!

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