Difference vs. Uniqueness: A Shift in Perspective

Those of you who read me regularly already know I’m all about being aware of personal perspective.  Perspective is the hands that mold the clay of our experiences and shape our reality.  A potter knows without hesitation that no two pots can ever be identical just as no two perspectives are ever exactly the same.  This is what makes life such a grand symphony.  It’s a waltz to the harmony of individuality.

Unfortunately, for centuries, mankind has been trained to seek and define by what is different.  To view something as different, discrimination is being made.  A judgment is being placed.  Something or someone is either this or that, or neither this nor that.  This is the chaotic world of the human ego.

A mind which is trained to see and seek difference becomes fettered.  The symphony is discordant; off key.  The dancers stumble.  The pots lose symmetry.  When one begins to place judgments of difference, two things happen.  A negative emotion is produced towards that which is viewed as different, and our own delusory ego is reinforced.  The ability to know who and what we really are and to experience life with an unburdened heart is shut down.  The glow of the divine consciousness which resides in us is smothered and we continue to stumble heavy-footed in the darkness of our own illusions, dragging the burden of difference along behind us.

Can you feel how cumbersome it is?  It’s downright soul-tiring.  But the truly amazing thing is how simple it is to unlock those chains and drop them forever.  All it takes is a shift in perspective.  There is another way to view the world with discernment.

We are given an incredible gift when we are born into this world.  It’s our uniqueness.  Every naturally occurring thing in this world we call home has been given this gift.  Everything we behold is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of uniqueness.  Your emotional response goes from one of negativity to one of neutrality and openness.  Can you feel the difference that creates in you?  Instead of feeling the heaviness of the ego and its delusions, there is lightness and flowing.  The heart opens and yearns to embrace rather than draw back and shun.  This is where true unity is experienced and its expression becomes second nature.

Play with it a little bit as you go through your day.  Try to observe how many times your thinking chooses judging what is different over celebrating what is unique.  Then try to shift your perspective.  You’ll feel like you’ve taken your first breath and your life new.  Waltz to the symphony and leave the chains on the floor where they belong.  Let the divine spark in you grow and change you forever into who you really are; a unique expression of Existence.


7 thoughts on “Difference vs. Uniqueness: A Shift in Perspective

  1. I’ve always believed that how we experience our individual lives is based on our individual perspective. Great post.

    It’s all in how you look at it. 🙂

    • Absolutely, Judee. Intellectually, I’ve known it for years but something inside of me always played “yeah, but…” and argued it was too hard to change. It’s actually as simple as exhaling but oh how our egos fight that expulsion of delusion. Thanks so much for commenting!

    • Agreed, Claire. If our minds aren’t in a neutral place all we really do is project our own perspective over the top of someone else’s. I’m so happy you commented. Thank you!

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