I Know What I Know

I know what the stone knows at the bottom of the stream.

It knows though the water flows,

it’s nothing but a dream.


I know what the tree knows standing on the hill.

The winds will shake and push,

but will still blow where they will.


I know what the flower knows blooming in the meadow.

that life isn’t a forever thing;

it comes then so it goes.


I know what the stars know twinkling in the sky.

The silence that enfolds them,

cannot be denied.


I know what I know and I know what I can see.

I know that I know nothing;

I can only be.


12 thoughts on “I Know What I Know

  1. I stopped reading this halfway through and started again to read it out loud. Really wonderful, thanks for moonlightening my day

    • Thanks so much, Max. When you say you stopped to read it aloud, was that a good or a bad thing? LOL I’m glad you enjoy it, regardless! Thank you too for commenting. It’s appreciated.

      • Haha, as in I stopped and thought: “this is so well written, and so nicely timed, I’m only going to get the full effect out loud.”

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