“Safe” by Bianca Green

I stumbled upon this beautiful artwork by Bianca Green today on the blog Showslow.  It’s entitled, aptly, “Safe” and inspired this simple poem.

Safely tucked away
Inside its ornate keep
A heart sits and watches
Denying that it weeps

Although the cage is beautiful
The space inside is small
A thing inside is growing
It fights against the walls

The nature of this heart, you see
Is not to be kept closed
It desires to know life
Utterly exposed

For within the heart there sits
Timeless as the sky
A patiently waiting secret
Hoping it will try

To step outside that ornate cage
Let go of the bars
Throw itself wide open
And soar into the stars

To know that others mean no harm
They too are still in slumber
All it has to do is love
There is no score to number

Trusting that a day will dawn
Within this endless night
On a mountain made of empty cages
And a billion twinkling lights.


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