10-Word Story Challenge #2: “Sky”

This is week #2 of the 10-Word Story Challenge.  I’m inviting anyone and everyone to participate.  The subject this week is “… sky…”  The rules are simple:

  • It will be exactly 10 words.
  • It will be a complete story with a beginning, a middle and an ending.
  • It will be in context to the subject each week.
  • A new challenge will be posted every Wednesday and the deadline will be the following Tuesday at midnight wherever you’re living.
  • Post your 10-word story in the comments of each week’s challenge and feel free to comment on each other’s.

Post your 10-word story below in the comments and be sure to comment on your favorites!  More about the Challenge here.

Let’s have some fun!

Here’s my entry for the week:

Looking up, she whispered and waited.  The sky didn’t reply.

5 thoughts on “10-Word Story Challenge #2: “Sky”

    • I love it, David! It reminds of when I used to look for “cloud pictures” as a child and makes all kinds of images in my mind. Thank you so much for post! (And sorry for my late reply. We had some internet issues here.)

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