I Thought You Were Real

Like a fool I naively thought you were real
It was a something between us I thought I could feel
I could touch you, hear you, see you were near
But beneath the surface was a growing fear
That “real” was something someone could steal
Leaving a scar that could never be healed

Real was also something I thought that I was
Obviously I’d have to be because
If there was a you, then there must be a me
It’s something we could both plainly see
But something in silence caused me to pause
Making the “you” and the “me” and the “us” just a cause

I had to back up and myself I did ask
“What is real and why did I never attempt this one task?”
It seems who I am can change like the weather
And what I deem real from one day to another
Is equally liable to wear a new mask
So then a conundrum I was left in to bask

If the real me changes from day-to-day
Then who I think you are is also mind-play
The “us” we perceive is a filmy delusion
But still we both love this agreed-on illusion
So resting my heart after much thought I must say
I love you whoever you and I are today

4 thoughts on “I Thought You Were Real

  1. Oh EXcellent! just Wonderful and too clever! Love to whoever you are, from my illusioned perspective from me, whoever that is today!!!! especially after the mind challenge of reading the poem!

    • That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? I mean, the “I” we presume to be the “me” is really just a dress or a coat that we tend to change so of course we view others in the same way. We can’t truly honestly know anyone else, but we can know who/what witnesses and never changes. It made me rethink the concept of relationships, that’s for sure.

  2. Jean, my hat is off to you! I am always awed by the power you portray with simple words (and that picture too–it was eye catching). Your poem describes ‘lives’ so well–we change every day through the experiences we go through and the people we meet–but true love says, “I love you for who you are each and every moment.” Thanks for a great post–and things to think about for the rest of the week.

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