The Miracle of a Human Birth Filmed via Cinematic MRI

In 2010, doctors announced they had the ability and had recorded the first live human birth via MRI.  Recently, this video was released to the public.  Now we’re able to see the miracle of the human body in action, both mother and child, as the infant is birthed.

According to New Scientist:

The technique… takes repeated images of the same slice of the body before joining them up to create an ultra-detailed video [featured below].

By using MRI, the team was able to examine the relationship between the movement of the fetus and its position as it travels through the birth canal, which should help doctors better manage labour and delivery.

This new use of MRI is not only helpful in understanding the mechanics of labor, but also allows physicians to monitor the anatomical status of infant and mother during delivery.

What a wonder life is… 


A paper describing the team’s groundbreaking use of cinematic MRI is published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. [Spotted on New Scientist]

Video by Bamberg C, Rademacher G, Güttler F, et al. via unnecessarian

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