Spiritual Pitfalls and a Beautiful Garden

I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading other spiritual blogs the past few nights.  There is no end to the concern expressed about interpreting dreams, understanding empathy, honing psychic abilities, spirit guides, etc.  While I understand the fascination when one is beginning to stretch themselves, I want to add a bit to the standard guidance I’m seeing given.

I’m certainly no official authority.  All I know is what I’ve learned from my experiences over the last 30 years.  I went through spells where I was rabid to “become enlightened” or to “awaken”.  I was convinced it was going to be something tremendous, like winning the proverbial lottery only with trumpets and golden light streaming down from the heavens.  My own desperation led me time and again right into brick walls or around in little circles and although each was a learning experience, it was tremendously frustrating.

Everyone’s journey is theirs alone.  No two will ever be alike.  As a mother knows she can’t stop her children from putting themselves into situations which will cause them pain, so it is watching others go through confusion of an awakening heart-mind.  But as a mother will with her children, advice can be offered as an act of compassion as I’m doing now.  It’s always free to be taken or discarded.

The advice I wish I had found all those years ago may not have made sense to me then.  I may not have been ready to understand it as I was when I finally found it.  The advice is so simplistic the ego must be ripe enough for the seed to take root.  The lucky thing is, this seed is one that stays in your pocket until you’re ripe enough to let it grow.

The list of common concerns for the spiritually awakening:

  • I can feel other people’s emotions, so I think I’m an Empath.  What does this mean?  How do I protect myself?
  • Lately I know things are going to happen before they happen.  Am I becoming psychic?  How can I groom my skills?
  • I keep having the same dream over and over.  What does this mean?
  • How do I contact my spirit guides?
  • Am I a starseed?

The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the picture.  I’ve asked all those questions at one point or another.  And I asked them a lot.  Now, if you’re prepared, I will tell you what I discovered, but be sure you’re prepared.  What I’m about to reveal may not be easily digestible.

The Truth:

If your true intention is the awakening of your own awareness to your True Nature, none of these things are the answer you’re seeking.  They’re byproducts of the journey.  They can become pitfalls that lead you away instead of to your destination.  These byproducts, or “abilities” can very easily create a new illusion for the ego to attach to.  If that happens, you’ve laid another veil over your spiritual eyes and they’ve opened no further.

The Advice:

While these new experiences are valid and exciting, they’re experiences and not the destination.  Enjoy the byproducts but don’t stop there.  There is only one destination and to get there requires turning inward and finding the Silence.  All answers are there waiting.  They become You because You are The Answer.  You are the Truth.  Simply ask “who am I?” and wait until the only reply is a Silence you recognize as if it were your long lost Home.  When that happens, you’re there and you’ll know it without any other question forming in your mind.

Carry this seed safely in your pocket along your journey until you’re ripe.  Then let it take root and grow a beautiful garden.


9 thoughts on “Spiritual Pitfalls and a Beautiful Garden

  1. And this is why I always return to your blog. You have been there done that, but most of all, I consider you as an “I AM” person. Staying in the NOW. Helping me and others along their journey of “Who am I’s”. Namaste – Blessings, SimplySammi67

    • It’s always fun when you’ve wandered down the road for awhile to poke your hand in your pocket and see what you’ve forgotten, isn’t it? Thanks so much.

    • I had some worries this wouldn’t be received well. Whenever you delve into the shadowy world of ego attachments it can not only kick up internal resistance, but many times it’s expressed very forcefully. I know I’ve reacted that way at times. I appreciate your comment as always, Linda. Thanks for reading.

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