The Dawning of a New Understanding: The Higgs Boson “God” Particle

By the time you read this, I’m sure you’ve already heard what is becoming the biggest news to come out of the scientific community in our history.  Scientists have identified the Higgs Boson particle, or what is being called “the God particle”.  The ramifications are echoing throughout both the scientific and the spiritual communities.

What is the Higgs Boson particle?

I’m not a scientist or a physicist so my understanding of this is crudely elementary at best but I’ll try to explain it as simply as I understand it and trust you to research more deeply if you need to.  Physicists have held a near perfect theory of how the Universe works called “The Standard Model”.  This model explains all of the particles that make up atoms and molecules and all the matter we see, along with more exotic particles.  Unfortunately this nearly perfect model has had one gaping hole.  The model explains mass, the physical Universe and all it contains, as it exists but it doesn’t explain how it became mass to begin with.

Peter  Higgs first theorized that a field must exist through which particles like protons, neutrons and quarks gain mass by interacting with an invisible electromagnetic field who’s existence predates the universe; “the Higgs field.”  Some of the particles cut through the Higgs field without picking up mass, while others get bogged down (similar to dropping beads through syrup), accumulating mass.  His theory states that if true, this “invisible” field should have an associated particle called the Higgs boson; a particle that supervises interactions with other particles and the electromagnetic “Higgs” field- exchanging virtual Higgs particles with it.

Why is the Higgs Boson particle so important?

In short and to be blunt, the Higgs Boson is the reason we exist.  If it didn’t exist, neither would the physical Universe.  There would be nothing but particles endlessly zipping around.  Nothing else could or would form.

Why did it take so long to identify the Higgs Boson particle?

Physicists at CERN have been diligently working to identify this particle for years.  The reason its existence has been so elusive is because it decays into more stable particles almost instantly.  In order to produce the particle, scientists have had to recreate conditions mimicking “the big bang” in the Hadron collider.  The result of the collision exists for only a septillionth of a second.  Trillions of such collisions produced massive amounts of data that had be sorted through.  It was a tedious process.

What does this mean for the future?

It means science has opened the door to understanding creation.  They can only speculate at this point how many other doors this will open for future research but the ramifications are staggering.  Only time will tell how many more discoveries are waiting to be made.

We’re also nearing the point where the scientific world melds with the spiritual world.  I think we’re on the eve of learning that both are just different ways of perceiving the same thing.  One is empirically measured and proven intellectual theories led by great thinkers, the other intuited by the heart via still minds taught and fostered by the great masters.  Both are reaching the same conclusions.  This means a broader acceptance by humankind and a deeper understanding of who and what we really are and where we came from.  Old myths that no longer serve mankind will lose their hold in a world they no longer serve.  Paradigms will be shattered and put back together anew.  And the most important part of all of this is all of humanity is watching this unfold together.  We’re on the brink of moving together as one into this new era.

Perhaps the Mayans, and many other culture’s prophecies, were onto something with their projection of an ending coming to pass in 2012.  Perhaps instead of the destruction of civilization it meant the destruction of old and deeply set ways of thinking and the beginning of a new age for a kinder and more intelligent mankind.  Many in the spiritual community have been pointing towards a major shift in consciousness coming and I can think of no greater precursor than the marriage of science and spirituality to usher that in on a physical level.

These are exciting times.  Change is always bumpy but I think the world is ready for it.  In this sense, the Higgs Boson discovery very well may be the “God” particle who is finally smiling down upon us all.


11 thoughts on “The Dawning of a New Understanding: The Higgs Boson “God” Particle

  1. My husband and I discuss this a great deal when we are watching our science or nature channels while cuddling at night. I like the way you think, I’ve been trying to put my thoughts on the God particle and the electromagnetic fields together into words for a while now. Thanks for doing MY homework for me!! I will share this blog with my husband. He will like it as well. I do believe you are on to something!
    Simply Sammi

    • You know, when I really sit quietly with myself and ponder this I get so excited I can hardly stand it. My emotions go nuts. There is more I have speculated on but I’ll remain quiet on that because that’s all it is. I really do believe we’re living in extremely exciting times even though when you look at the global picture things seem glum. Some call these growing pains or the death throes of ways that no longer work. I can say I finally feel a doubtless glowing hope for humanity. If I’m deluded, well, at least it’s a happy one! lol As always Sammi, I love and appreciate your comments. Thank you.

      • If you are deluded, than their are many more including myself in the same glorious state! One thing, I took from Ram Dass’s lecture you had posted is that we are all here to let each other know “This is the truth, no matter how the outside world tries to tell us different”. You are right, your feelings are right on, to the outside world I would say “Oh what a wicked web we we’ve when we practice to deceive” ~Sir Walter Scott

  2. This was a sensational post! Thank you. I think that All fits! And I agree with you that the “calamities” of 2012, though many truly painful and dire are like birth pangs and the heaves of an old world thrashing its way out to allow “space”, re-birth….our own passage again through the membrane of Godly Beginnings.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Linda. I feel like I’m losing my readers but these are things I just want to express. It just seems all our age-old tried-and-true systems are crashing all around us and those that aren’t crashing and begging for change because they’re no longer serving their intended purpose. I think it’s going to be very painful for awhile, especially for those who are resistant to it. Change is scary, and change on this scale is even moreso. But underneath it all I’m just so excited. I want to see what happens next!

      • Readers come and go, more important to stay true to what motions your heart and stirs you; purpose for each if we seize it…..all other follows. Sometimes this community less idealistic that envisioned….but insist upon, I pray and do…call the highest chord and never stop singing!

      • Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and the gentle reminder, Linda. I know you’re right. My ideas about myself and reality are rapidly changing and I guess that can’t help but be reflected here. I just hope those who choose to read this blog understand how much I appreciate them!


  3. Hi, Jean.

    It seems we have both intuited the significance of the Higgs Boson’s discovery as a milestone in the emerging cosmic illumination of the human species.

    I have long felt that the Higgs Field, which supposedly permeates the universe, is the manifest Mind of God, the creative divine feminine by which creation becomes manifest in partnership with the volitional masculine principle of the Spirit. In some spiritual cultures, it has been known as Shakti (Hinduism) or the Shekinah (Judaism) — the power of God. The discovery of the Higgs Boson seems to validate the spiritual teachings of classic mysticism.

    You are correct in stating: “Perhaps the Mayans, and many other culture’s prophecies, were onto something with their projection of an ending coming to pass in 2012.”  According to the Mayan calendar, since last year 2011 (I suspect perhaps even earlier) we, the human race, have entered the final phase of evolving human consciousness: We are now experiencing the completion of creation with the attainment of “unity consciousness” (aka “cosmic consciousness,” “God-consciousness”, “Christ- or Krishna-consciousness,” “Buddha Mind,” enlightenment, the Ascension, etc.)

    Consequently, the state of human consciousness which is rooted in material sense is at an end; which is why its constructs and superstructures lodged in our mental paradigms and expressed in our material world (including our human belief systems, life strategies, relationship modalities, and methodologies for living) are all crumbling around us.

    We are becoming transformed as a species from homo sapiens sapiens into Deus homo, the God-man. Indeed, these are exciting times.


    • I agree, Marc and I’m glad you’ve expanded on what I posted. There are undeniable parallels between these scientific discoveries and the more abstract teachings of esoteric masters. We are still in an age where the majority of humanity still poo-poos the esoteric and requires the empiricism of science to form a solid belief; even among those who call themselves “believers”. I’m expecting to see the information to be released being controlled. There will be factions that don’t want people knowing what they are finding but I think in the long run it won’t stop the momentum. It will hopefully demonstrate to the masses how politically-controlled their lives really are. Very exciting times.

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