This is so beautifully written, Linda, I had to share it. Amazing as always…


Inspire. Share. Aspire. Dare.
These words have deep significance for each of us and within each is a world of meaning.

  • Inspire is an action that initiates creation. To Inspire implies that there is a sacred and primal causative In-breath from Source which grants the inhalation of that Greater than Oneself, the Divine…to pour into the “Breather” and heighten cause, elevate action and instill motion which reflects the Refined Source.
  • Shareis the natural action that is caused by fullness. It is not a “satiation fullness”, rather one that is centered in the heart rather than the solar plexus.  It is the carried by out-breath which follows Inspiration. We, in our purest state, find that our True Nature is compelled to Share of Itself.   Love ushered in by the Breath of the Divine precedes a flow which begins to see and feel all as One . That sacred singularity, awakens…

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