It’s Hard to Collect Spilled Water – A Word on Attachments

“When something has happened, do not talk about it.  It is hard to collect spilled water.” – Proverb

The more you open your heart along this journey, the more you still your mind, the deeper you move within your own mysteries, the more likely you are to have wonderful and awe-inspiring  experiences.  The boundaries of what you thought possible will be stretched and then stretched again.  This can be very exciting!

But nothing will derail the energy flow and slow your growth like becoming attached to the experience.  It’s like finding a gem in the road.  You just can’t resist picking it up, admiring it, stuffing it in your pocket and then gathering a crowd to display it proudly for all to see.  We can become so enraptured with our new and exciting treasure that we forget where we’re going and what we’re doing.  We inevitably find the people who surrounded us grow bored with our discovery.  It’s not their’s after all.  They’re not likely to understand its magnitude.  Then we’re left feeling deflated, side-tracked and alone again.

Instead of “picking up that gem in the road” the next time you experience something beyond your previously-held possibilities, simply admire it a moment and continue your walk.  Hold gratitude in your heart that you had the experience and beheld its beauty, then let it simply dissolve into your being.  This way your ego doesn’t develop another attachment to add to your burden.  Instead, the awareness of your being is enriched without distraction and continues to open its luminous petals as you continue on your journey.

Who knows, you may discover so many gems your pockets wouldn’t have room to carry them all!  Being, on the other hand, is a limitless container.


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