Does a Butterfly Remember?

Does a caterpillar want to be a butterfly?
Or just do what caterpillars do?
Does it dream of beauty in the cocoon; remember the sky of blue?

When it emerges as a butterfly, its form forever changed,
Does it remember it was a caterpillar?
Does it find its winged body strange?

Fluttering from bloom to bloom, doing what butterflies do,
Does it think about tomorrow?
Or what’s next when life is through?

I’d like to think from flower to flower and from tree to tree
The only care it ever has
Is simply to just be.


8 thoughts on “Does a Butterfly Remember?

  1. Love it. Have you ever considered making a compilation of some of your poems, thoughts, and words of wisdom and publishing it? Your words are powerful.

    • You know, Judith, it’s the intention I hold for the rest of my life… to be able to let go enough to simply just “be”. In those rare moments I’ve managed to “be” I am more alive and everything is joyous and effortless. I’d love to live the rest of my life like that. Take everything as an adventure and just go with the flow… It’s funny how many people demand you DO NOT think this way! As if you’re committing some grievous sin again humanity by not stressing and worrying. I’ve done half a century of that. I want something new. lol

    • Thanks, Sammi. I’m glad you liked it. I won’t be back to blogging for about 2 weeks and it’s killing me! I’m on a borrowed machine so no time for doing much more than quick maintenance of the blog and email. Will be back soon.

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