The Sea of Consciousness Experience

I see many talking about human beings as points of consciousness expressed in the physical world.  With this I agree, however I think it’s time for this statement to shed its myopic cocoon and spread its wings.  Yes, we are consciousness manifest in the physical realm of matter but in this we are not alone.  We are not the epicentre for this experience.  We are just one type of organism in a vast sea of stars and planets and any inherent life they may nurture.  We are just one of many forms consciousness experiences itself through.

We easily assume that other matter and organisms not possessing a human mind encased in a human brain can’t possibly experience consciousness or be self-aware.  The unspoken undercurrent being that we experience it in a superior way.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We simply experience our consciousness as human beings.  We are the center of our experience and from this vantage point all else rotates around us much like a sun nestled in its solar system.

Now consider other types of organisms, for example:  a dog.  A dog experiences consciousness as a dog and in its world it too is the center of all it experiences as a canine.  The same applies to a bird, a monkey, a butterfly, a fish, and so on.  We human beings are just something on their periphery if they have contact with us.  We are just a player on their stage as they are on ours.

We easily assume things like plants and rocks, rivers and clouds aren’t manifested consciousness because they have no brain.  They can’t think or feel.  However that doesn’t mean they don’t experience their existence on some level.  They may not be as complex an organism as we are but they too exist.  If you’ve ever held a stone in your hand and felt “something” you are experiencing the stone’s experience of its existence and most likely its experiencing of contact with you even if it’s merely through a subtle energetic exchange.  Imagine the experience of an entire planet teaming with a vast diversity of life forms such as ours.

Consciousness is the common denominator.  It’s that which experiences form.  This is the one thing that unifies existence.  So although the quote “we are consciousness experiencing itself” isn’t incorrect, it’s incomplete.

The Universe is consciousness experiencing itself through form and of this we are one tiny but necessary part.  Have you ever stopped to consider what role your own experiencing plays in the experience of this planet and all it contains?  It’s a sobering thought.


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