The Trouble with Truth

Sometimes I struggle writing things for this blog.  Not because I don’t have ideas.  My head is always full of them.  The struggle comes in when I want to convey the Truth. I know I’ve written about this before, but Truth can’t be put into words.  Anyone who has experienced it knows words will always fail.  They unintentionally mislead.

All I can hope to do is provide the right words to piqué your curiosity; to guide you into the silent space between them.  In those spaces, those moments of pause, Truth is waiting for you.  It’s in those pauses that you experience it.  You may not always be aware of it because thoughts take over, and thoughts are noisy things.  It’s in the stillness of the Heart that Truth has its voice.  All it requires is your open awareness that it’s there.  You will find this is true of anything you’re reading or anything you’re listening to; that sudden feeling of “ah ha!”  You suddenly realize you’ve known it all along.


3 thoughts on “The Trouble with Truth

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