My Message to Humanity

A few weeks ago I mentioned a film project being undertaken by Alex Fitch called “Messages to Humanity”.  You can visit that post here for more information.  This touched a need in me to express all that I hold in my heart and the video below is my own message.  It’s a little longer than Alex wanted and I’m hoping he’ll accept it for his project.  I, unfortunately, am not comfortable in front of a camera and I’m afraid it shows.

If you are interested in making a submission, visit the link above for more information.  Alex is accepting submission until the end of August.

The text:

Hello Humanity,

I’m not much of an orator but there’s something I want to say to you, so I’ve written you a letter.  To keep it personal and to keep my focus I want to read it to you.  Now seems the perfect time.  There’s something in the air, like the changing of a season, and it’s becoming harder to ignore.  Can you feel it?  The world is crying out for change.

Our systems are failing us, Humanity.  Governments no longer serve their people but serve instead their own best financial interests.  Religions are not uniting us, Humanity.  They are dividing and teaching us to judge.  While this world has become a global village, machine-minded people are leading us into darkness and in this darkness we have gone to sleep.  We’re forgetting who we are.  We’ve become blind.

In our blindness we’ve been taught to give away our personal integrity and responsibility.  We’ve been taught to seek difference instead of celebrating the uniqueness and unity of life.  We’ve been encouraged to build borders and shut others out.  We’ve been taught to blame others for the things we are all guilty of.  Humanity, we have become our own worst enemy instead of our own best friend.

We no longer consider ourselves Earthlings and part of the ecosystem of this beautiful blue marble we inhabit.  We take the position that we’re somehow superior to and separate from Nature.  Our technologies, while our greatest triumph, are also becoming our saddest loss.  We have become cruel and insensitive to that thing which keeps us all alive, polluting and corrupting the environment and consuming its resources without responsibility or remorse.

But remember:  it’s always darkest before the dawn.  So let’s take a pause, Humanity, and drink in this moment with honesty.  It’s time to stop running the rat race that no one is winning and savour other possibilities.

Mahatma Gandhi once said:  “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Now’s the time.  There is no other.

If we, as a whole Humanity, could harness all the power and knowledge we have at this time and use it to build new and better systems, everything would change.  But the change has to begin within you.  So, if you’re unhappy Humanity, it’s time go within and examine who we are.  Let’s figure out what it is we really want and what is really important.

To do that requires clarity.  Our minds are too mired in our woes, worries and revenge.  Half our mind is rehashing the past and the other is stuck in the future.  Both are illusory worlds that don’t exist.  What does exist and the only thing that’s real is right NOW.  This moment.  In this moment you are being exactly who are and in this moment is complete clarity.  So still your mind and turn within.  Be completely present and all the clarity you need will be available to you in such a proportion you won’t know how lived any other way.

This requires conscious vigilance.  And we must be vigilant not to become a member of just another new herd.  We must maintain our authenticity to usher in a lasting change.  Otherwise we are trading one old habit for a new one and nothing really changes.  Without vigilance, in time it too will find its own corruption.  The collective can only be truly improved if each individual in their own authentic nature improves.

Celebrate that which makes each of us unique.  Support it.  Know that each person, although part of a collective, in your own authenticity can make a difference.  That’s something to be excited about.

Change is inevitable, but conscious change is a momentum.  Wake up and let’s find a direction that works.  Let’s refind our own inner peace, our childlike sense of joy and bloom like flowers with grace and love on the face of this Earth and retake our role in harmony.  Let’s wake up, Humanity and become the family we really are regardless of our outer appearances.  Let’s be One and approach the dawning of the new day with hope, with love and with Unity.  Let’s create the world we really want to be in.


6 thoughts on “My Message to Humanity

  1. If there were something inside humans that would change and heal humanity we would have known it by now, yes? No?

    For 6000 years humanity has failed. The techno revolution is going to show that all the power of humanity from day one to the present will not be changing the inside, only redecorating the outside. The same history show that religion reaches for the stars and beyond, but their grasp is not powerful enough to bring peace down to earth.

    But God reached down and grasped humanity in, by and with the LOVE of His Son Jesus. Jesus came to us! Even when and as almost all were not seeking Him, The Father sent His One Unique Seed into the virgin seed of a maiden.

    The difficulty for many as to religion is that religion requires faith, TRUST in that which is not seen for a future that comes only when we die! Most people are looking for solutions which will fix and guarantee a future for them HERE AND NOW. That is our focus, and in our state of alienation from each other we trip all over each others toes. It’s some what like trying to do a complicated dance routine for 7 billion dancers blindfolded!

    The change we want and need is that which will give us immortal life in a paradise, for if the pressure and stress from the expected end of life is not lifted we revert to looking out for #1 first last and always. Seven billion dancing to seven billion different drum beats! Whew!

    Without heaven we perceive hell or more depressing nothing at all! If we cannot have everlasting life, death and the expectation of death will rule our behavior! Why bother being moral, ethical or human if tomorrow we die?

    So this line of thought along with the evidence of order in the universe, order, magnificent, complex, beautiful and functional, even where living things still die, this line of observation and thought makes the uncanny story of God and Jesus and the Holy Bible very tangible to me. What is very good about humanity and the environment we exist in begs for explanation even more than what is bad. And of all the stories of God, gods, mankind and devils, the Holy Bible is the most rooted in real History! I’m persuaded archaeology will continue to bear this out!

    It was wonderful to see your video presentation, I pray all the Best for you always, Dave

    • Thank you, Dave. I realize that I tend to speak in generalities because I reach folks from all different beliefs and backgrounds, so I appreciate your point of view being shared here. I think there is always hope for change. Change is the one constant in existence. Everything we can touch, taste, see, hear, feel is transitory. In this one thing lies the hope, and faith, that mankind can change direction. It’s not a hope I’m willing to give up. As long as I have that hope I’ll keep voicing it, because enough voices directed in unison at the heart of Humanity will touch someone. And if I can touch just one person, I can leave this Earth feeling I’ve done my good works.

      • My personal journey keeps leading back to God who is himself unchanging and GOOD! 100% Good! He promises to transform me into the likeness of Jesus that I may live before Him forever. My hope is in Him and His good works!

        “… the goodness of God leads us to change.”

  2. Such a vast subject, so much noise in the world today distracting us from even knowing who we are or what we were born to do, even to do or be that is often seen as many as taking too big a risk for the risk of non-conformity to society’s expectations. Kindness, compassion and learning not to judge, learning to develop empathy and understanding are the only things I know which assist and the things I wish to pass on to my children and to practice.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful view and expanding on how we can make the world a better place. I loved seeing you in person and so animated. Makes me feel even closer as the kindred spirits we are. Blessings, Sammi

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