Book Release: Whispers to the Sky

I’m so pleased and excited to announce that my first book, Whispers to the Sky was released 8-31-2012 and is now available.  Per Amazon, Whispers to the Sky is:

An entertaining and thought-provoking look through the eyes of a woman inspired by her own spiritual inner journey. Her creative inspirations reflect a perspective gently tempered by her experiences with Eastern culture and memories of her homeland. Each page has been crafted to reveal what may be a hidden facet of our own true nature.

Ironically, and more synchronicity than planned, it was released on the blue moon so it deserves it’s big send-off to my followers on MoonLightened Way!

Whispers to the Sky is currently available in paperback through here.

If Amazon isn’t available to you or you prefer, you can also purchase it through here.

Kindle version will be available in about 14 days.  I’ll be posting that link as soon as it’s available.  I hope you like it!

12 thoughts on “Book Release: Whispers to the Sky

  1. Jean–Congratulations!-I am looking forward to your book! Will get it on my Kindle! How was it working with Create Space, Kindle, and Smashwords? Any words of advice? I am working on two projects but am clueless as to formatting etc….any advice?

    • Hi, Kate. It’s great to see you back! I would recommend all 3 if you’re going to self publish: Create Space for a physical book, Kindle and Smashwords. Smashwords also submits to Kindle but it’s a slow process and they recommend folks to go ahead and submit to Kindle on their own. It’s your preference. I found all 3 were great to work with. The formatting takes some patience, but if I can do it anyone can. All 3 provide you with clear step-by-step guides as well as support. I would also be willing to help. I’m no expert by any means, but I did get it figured out. The hardest part is publicizing and I’m still wading through that.

      The best advice I can offer is to check the guides ahead of time. I wish I had before I even began compiling the document because I ended up having to reformat everything. Again, it wasn’t particularly a problem but I could have saved myself some work. Let me know when you decide to take the plunge!

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