Muslims In Libya Condemn Violence and Apologize to Americans

I discovered these pictures on the blog Simply Sammi via We Think, We Dream.  They are moving and they’re important.  As American warships are approaching the Libyan coast this is the side of things we don’t get to see.  To quote “WeThink, We Dream”:

“Of course the news won’t show this.  No, they’ll just keep stating over and over that the US is sending two warships to the area because that is more important than showing Americans that not all Muslims are evil like they already believe because that would be asking too much of the media.”

The irony is not lost on the people of Benghazi.  Radical fundamentalists, protesting their prophet being portrayed in a recently-released satirical film called the “Innocence of Muslims” as a crazy murderous barbarian bombed the U.S.Consulate in Benghazi, killing the U.S. Ambassador and three others have responded by acting like crazy murderous barbarians.  Now the Embassies in Cairo and and Yemen have been attacked by protestors who are behaving like crazy murderous barbarians.  The irony, unfortunately, is lost on them.

Please look at the following photos and understand.  Not all Muslims are like those committing these acts.  Please pass this on so their voices may be heard above the din of sensationalist media.  I do not, however, under any circumstance sympathise or condone the actions of violent men and women who hide behind religion to exercise their darker bloodlusts.  I find using any god as an excuse for such things abhorrent.  People like these offenders believe an “eye for an eye” as retribution is their duty, never realizing that it’s nothing but the perpetuation of a never ending cycle of revenge and ultimately destructive.  It solves nothing as is illustrated by U.S warships on the move.  Another war.

Was the movie in poor taste?  Yes, however many such movies exist satirizing different religions and have not led to bloodshed.  People can be mature enough to simply turn away.  People will always inevitably voice opinions we don’t agree with.

Was this film worth bloodshed?  NO.  NO.  NO.  Letting it die in obscurity instead of feeding its publicity would have been the smarter move.  Now it’s going viral as the world’s curiosity has been piqued.  I viewed the trailer.  I’m equally guilty.  It wasn’t worth it.

Let the peaceful voices of these people be heard.  Please pass this on.


Opinions?  Do we really need more warlike involvement in the Middle East?  What are your fears?

10 thoughts on “Muslims In Libya Condemn Violence and Apologize to Americans

  1. What must be said and understood is the truth about the Islamic doctrine of Taqiyya. Have you heard of that doctrine? Basically it gives Muslim people permission and encouragement to lie whenever it serves the purposes of advancing Islamic agenda, or deflecting opposition to Muslims. Google it up TAQIYYA.

    Taqiyya is a doctrine of tactical use and practice by muslims today. It is part of their strategy of cultural Jihad. There is Jihad and then there is cultural Jihad, and we better understand what they are. Again google it up!

    Because of Taqiyya, no muslim holding a sign can be presumed to even understand what the sign means. They may have simply been given that sign by a terrorist or cleric and ordered out to hold it for the cameras. My own sense of recent history is that these in the photos above are doing just that, carrying misinformation from the terrorists out to be seen by western cameras.

    Are there decent muslim peoples? Undoubtedly there are. But why do they submit to the tyranny of the extremists? Why did Muslims cheer in the streets of Gaza after 9/11?

    • Yes, I’m aware of taqiyya. I lived in an Islamic country for a year and I know a bit about the shadier side. I’ve been a victim of it and it’s not a story I want to tell here. I know and have known Muslims of both kinds, and a plethora in between. The main reason they don’t rise against the tyranny goes much deeper than even taqiyya. You simply don’t turn against a “brother” or “sister”. Right or wrong, that goes deep in the psyche and coupled with the fear of the type of retribution we are witnessing against the U.S., it just doesn’t happen. As a fervent Christian, it’s very possible you would hesitate to turn against a fellow Christian. It’s the same psychology.

      I can’t say if these photos were motivated by taqiyya or not. But I’ve lived long enough not to jump to snap conclusions. There’s always another side to the coin. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. There are people on this planet, of all colors and creeds, who just want to be left to live their lives in peace and forgiveness. So, welcome to the possible other side of the coin. Another thing to consider before plunging even deeper into the division of man versus man.

      If any of my Muslim readers would like to respond, please do. All I ask if that any discussion on this forum remain tasteful and civil.

      • I would love Muslim readers input. One of my daughter’s best friends from high school is Muslim her father a surgeon here. They are from Lybia. My daughter was to go with them on a trip to Lybia while she was in high school. We did not have the funds for her to go. It turned out to be the summer when Libya and Isreal starting lobbing bombs at each other. The family was stuck there for much longer than planned and thankfully got back home safely. We were at the airport to greet them. It was a scary experience to say the least. It’s time we evolve don’t you think from this type of violence and hatred. Just as those that kill in the name of Allah or jihad, we also have to look at the unjust killings at the had of our Christian extremist throughout history. I being raised of Southern Baptist Christian faith, found myself surrounded by intolerance and judgmental factions in this church. I therefore, decided, organized religions for the most part, serve only those with agendas that although, were created with the intentions of spreading the teaching of our Savior Jesus Christ, have twisted and spun it for an excuse to condemn those who do not have the same beliefs. I love my Savior and will never turn my back on Jesus or God, but found I have made a deeper connection to Jesus by seeking the “kingdom of God within myself”. Jesus ultimate message was to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND BE TOLERANT of each other. (AKA: Turning the other Cheek). Instead of spending an hour or two a week in a “church” spewing anti other religions, and casting judgement. I choose try to spend, each day, grateful for the blessings, bestowed on me, and being more Christ-Conscious. To me this is to forgive others, be not judgmental of others regardless of their religion or beliefs. Yes Jesus, died for me, but he is the Savior of the entire world (no matter what religion). We are all one. What we hate in others, is only a reflection of what we hate within our own selves. Until we all WAKE up and realize this (or evolve to this understanding) there will never be peace on earth. I feel sorry for those that have been raised in such a way of hatred. I believe those guilty should be brought to justice and I believe in our right to defend our country. But, at the heart and soul of this, it is a from a collected “pain-body” as Eckhart Tolle that leads to such action and until as individuals, fight against our own egos, and live in the NOW which should be a peaceful state. Until we all learn to quit feeding our EGO, which feeds purely on negative energy, the New Heaven and Earth, will never come to pass. We make our own hell and that is exactly, what they are doing now in the middle-east. Creating their own hell to which as Americans will respond in kind. Such a vicious needless cycle of violence. PEACE can be obtained, unfortunately ignorance of this knowledge and the choice to remain ignorant is more fluid at this point. If this shift of consciousness is upon us, I pray, it happens fast. As Jesus said, “Like a thief in the night”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up one morning to see a true transformation to peace? IMAGINE! Blessings, Sammi

      • Drae Jean, You noted:

        “As a fervent Christian, it’s very possible you would hesitate to turn against a fellow Christian.”

        Loyalty is a virtue if those loyal to each other are virtuous! But as a christian our loyalty, confidence and faith in Christ yields a different life than does the loyalty of a muslim. Muslim loyalty to allah and to the clerics yields unopposed tyranny and bloody mayhem UNNOPPOSED!

        I say this with fear and trembling, if I had been alive during the Spanish inquisition, I would have called those catholics (who committed those sins/crimes) deceived and wolves in sheeps clothing!

        Let me say too that my love and reverence for Christ comes because of the very very many sins He has forgiven me, not because any natural ability to love Him. I am only able to be loyal to Him because of the gift of His virtue and the inner and outer changes that has caused in me!

    • Sammi,

      Thanks so much for your input. I’m with you in that I’d like to get more of a discussion rolling here. I’d like to see some my Muslim readers find their voice here, regardless of their opinion. You can’t find common ground without communication.

      What I endured, living in a Muslim country was difficult. It’s taken me years to heal from it and be able to come from a place that isn’t a knee-jerk reaction. I experienced some of the best and some of the worst. I know both exist. It’s just that this gulf between East and West just keeps widening. What is it getting us as a collective? The radicals on each side want to either assimilate the other or wipe them off the face of the planet. Good grief!

      My husband, being Hindu, is a believer in karma and says this is humankind’s karmic cycle. It’s going to have to play itself out. It’s just maddening to know underneath all the politics, underneath our societal programmings and religious devotions, we are all the same. I want to scream that from the rooftops but no one would listen.

      Let’s hear some voices here. Anyone else have something to say?

      • Err, correction. My daughter’s friend’s father was from Lebanon, not Libya. So, it was the summer that Lebanon and Israel were at it, not Libya. My bad. Hubby corrected me on this!!

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