Are You Breathing?

Have you ever noticed how many times during the day you are actually holding your breath?  If not, take a deep breath right now and feel how it replenishes.  Did it feel like gulping water after a dry thirst?  When we get wrapped up in our thoughts, particularly those that produce tension, we tend to diminish and even hold our breath.  That not only cuts us off from vital life source, but from our own being.  Take several pauses during the day to just take a nice deep relaxing breath that pulls you back into the moment; into the NOW…  and breathe!

Picture courtesy of tarotandsuch.

7 thoughts on “Are You Breathing?

    • Thank you! I’m glad you gave it a read. Funny thing, when I found that picture I caught myself taking a deep breath and realized I’d been holding my breath. Someone recently told me that he doesn’t read many books because he holds his breath when he reads. I thought it was odd, but now I wonder. How many of us really pay attention to something as vital as breathing? Loved the quote too. Thanks again!

  1. I was told by a therapist years ago that he noticed I held my breath a lot when talking and when I did breath that is was “chest breathing”. He said I needed to learn how to breath from my stomach. So, yes, I do notice this and do this much less than I used to. Thought I was the only one. Who knew?

    • It was explained to me once by a trainer in a gym that particularly females in the west train themselves to chest breathe because we’re so figure conscious; always holding the tummy in to look thinner. It was something I was guilty of and robbed myself of the ability to take good natural deep breaths. Since, I’ve read a little about prana breathing and realized how important it is to breathe from the diaphragm which means letting those belly muscles go loose. Funny how we can “forget” some thing as simple as natural breathing! We should rename our species “two legged breath-holders!”

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