A Dream of Cloud Movies and Space Capsules

The people on the ground were gathered.  Staring heavenward they were watching movies projected on the clouds.  I tried to speak but my heart sounds couldn’t compete.  The cloud images were far too bright.  No one was listening.  There were no ears to hear.

So I too cast my eyes upon the sky but a hole formed in the clouds.  It pierced the scene.  The night sky looked down through it at me.

With a winking of distant suns, it whispered, “I have ears to listen.  Come and let’s commune.”

Relief flood over me in a tidal wave of joy.  Yes, I wanted that!  I reached out and rose from the ground.  The cloud images passed slowly behind me.  The show no longer apparent,  I trembled leaving the ground behind.

Lines of brilliant light met my ascension like celestial fences.  I passed through each one and as I did they dissolved into tiny glittering falling stars.  On and on I moved, through layer after layer, lost in the wonder of it all, until no more barriers existed.  Nothing but the deep silence of the Universe lay before me.  I floated in blackness accompanied by a sea of twinkling orbs.

I felt dwarfed and insignificant to such a spectacle.  Something inside me skittered and writhed.  A tiny voice moaned, “I don’t want to die.”  But the splendor was too grand.  I stayed floating in my awe.

A space capsule floated nearby on a string.  A single white balloon held it suspended although there was no gravity.  It’s appearance suggested it was decades old.

“Call and see if anyone’s home,” a voice said.

A phone appeared in my hand and I raised it to my ear.  Distantly I heard the sound of an old bell and clapper phone ringing.  It was a lonely sound, a futile sound.  No one home.  Empty.  Useless.

Saddened I plucked the capsule from where it hung and held it in my hands.  I thought it was farther away.  I thought it was larger.  It felt dusty in my hands and I became concerned that it should be returned to the place I found it.  I had disturbed something I shouldn’t have.

But as I released it, instead of floating on its white balloon where it had been, it floated quietly away until the silence and the Universe swallowed it.  Had I committed a wrong by disturbing it?  Had I changed everything?

A golden satellite floated by.

“It’s time to go back,” it said.

And I did, but not completely.


This was actually a dream I had that’s been haunting me.  I find the imagery peculiar but interesting food for thought.  I decided to share it hear to see if it spoke anything to anyone else.


3 thoughts on “A Dream of Cloud Movies and Space Capsules

  1. This gave me chills and the visual was so clear in my mind. Now you have the thinking, I’ve disturbed something that I should have. I will let it be. Thank you for sharing.

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