The Unbreakable Fortress

“The earth will be safe when we feel safe in ourselves”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

I love this quote.  My heart yearns when I read it.  Safety.  How wonderful to feel truly safe, and how fleeting.  Like anything else, it seems, this feeling of safety is temporal.. But why?

The reason is that we seek safety from mundane worldly things in a mundane worldly manner.  This isn’t without its merit.  The world can be a dangerous place sometimes.  But imagine a depth of safety that isn’t transitory.  One that isn’t motivated or supported by the dualistic nature of the world.  By dualistic nature, I mean cause/effect, action/reaction; the elements that cause our feeling of safety to be so impermanent.

An inner safety arises out of a state of harmony with our own being.  Whether this is reached through prayer or meditation, or another way, it’s ours to have if we can reach within and find it.  What is” it”?  It’s that which observes the world and all your thoughts and feelings.  If you find it, call it home.  It’s an unbreakable fortress with an open door.


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