“Show Me God” — An Awakening


This is one of the most beautiful moments I’ve witnessed.  It’s just that simple and the laughter at the realization is just delicious!  I just had to share this.  Beautiful!



12 thoughts on ““Show Me God” — An Awakening

    • Because many have been taught exactly that: they’re not supposed to. If you believe you’re not supposed to, you probably won’t. I’m fairly certain the man in the video did not see in the literal sense, but I understand his experience. Consider it the same as “accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour”. Words are so often misunderstood.

      • God knows. I don’t. I pray many who lived moral lives might be accepted for their faith, that whatever their God’s name, the true God would accept their faith. But I don’t know that God does not require His Name be honored. In fact everything I read indicates He does require His Name be confessed, especially by the progeny of Isaac.

      • I realized after I posted this I was guilty of not being very clear. The word “god” is what we call it English based on which religion we follow. Of course, it’s called something else in other languages and belief systems. We do tend to go very attached to our own perceptions and understandings, especially with something taught as early on as religious belief. I’m in no way disrespecting God and the people in that video certainly weren’t either.

        I’ve come to understand the limitations I’ve built around my own mind. My perception of God and my worthiness in “his eyes” have changed greatly since my childhood Christian upbringing. However, my love/devotion has never waivered. What it has done has changed my mental constructions I’ve built around it. The more I tear down those walls, the deeper my relationship goes and the more my own sense of peace increases. My way is just that, mine. It doesn’t fit with everyone. Nor do their ways fit with mine, but this is the beauty of being created as individuals. If all the flowers in the field were identical, I doubt they’d be half as beautiful.

        I appreciate your comments as well as our different perspectives. Thanks for reading.

    • As a fellow Christian, I see him everyday in everything and everywhere I go. It must be that doubt, the video refers to, such a simple concept. Yet, you fail to see him by letting that one scripture blind you. That’s so very sad. (BTW, what draws to you a blog you obvious take so much offense to?) Has the power of Christ never compelled you to avoid it, since it obviously bothers your? (Sorry Jean, I just can’t take this guy anymore and am not as articulate as you at telling him to bug off).

      • While I have not agreed with Jean in everything she has written, I have been careful not to be offensive in my manner of speaking. It is frankly ironic that you who say you believe Christ are slamming me for posting my heart.

        I don’t have to agree 100% or any % with another to love them or to share my faith with them. The scripture I quoted is a good summary view of why I believe Jesus is God and the fullest revelation of God we can see this side of heaven. If you are a christian, surely you believe Jesus is God incarnate, yes? Frankly I stand in doubt of you being born again Sammi. You may have seen my questions at your blog. Did they offend YOU? Did the scripture verse I pasted above offend you? Does the authority of the Son of God to forgive and save sinners who believe and repent, and also condemn sinners who refuse to believe, does that offend you? Or does it offend you that Jesus spoke it plainly saying “I am the Way the Truth and The LIFE, no man cometh unto the Father except by me.” John 14:6

        I’m hardly an accomplished Bible scholar, but the verses I know are written deeply into my heart. I recommend that as a christian, if you are one, you seek the Lord to send His word and heal you, and save you.

      • What I find undeniable is that God is Intelligent, Personal, entirely good and omniscient. He is the source of everything, the creator and maker of all things! They, the Father, Son and Spirit made man and woman in their image! God is God in three persons and God is love! They long that each of their created human beings would KNOW Them! And God has revealed Jesus as the way to Know Him! It is so elegant in simplicity and entirely satisfying to KNOW God. As the Persons they are!

        God planned to make a “human race” of persons in His own image to be eternal companions, indeed the bride, for His Son Jesus, the Holy Bridegroom! And soon we His church will marry Christ! All who call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved, forgiven their sins, and joined to the Son of God forever in is Eternal Kingdom!

        My prayer is that God cut through all the fog of war that we see here on this earth and show you, Jean and Sammi, the vision which will catalyze your faith in Him, IN JESUS the Messiah of Israel and all the gentiles which believe!

        Forget about me, look to Jesus! For if He, IF HE IS is the way, truth and life by which all must go to the Father, it is Him whom any and all should revere and believe!

      • I don’t take your words offensive at all. Quite the contrary, What I am saying if you find Jean’s views or post are in opposition to your belief and the way you think Christ would have you walk, I don’t see why you take the time to post blogs in opposition to her is all. Simply put, I don’t see why you even read or follow her blog. You are not God or Jesus Christ. You don’t know what kind of walk or “personal relationship” I have with my Savior or what is in my heart and I don’t feel the need to have to explain it to you. I did answer your question on my blog, however, you also posted your question to me anonymously? You hid behind anonymity in asking me questions regarding God? When you vert y well knew my opinion I posted on Jean’s blog. So as a means to an end, I would asked you kindly, if you want to follow Jean’s beautiful blog do so, but refrain from debunking every post that doesn’t sit well with your faith or quit following her altogether as it is obvious you are not in agreement with anything that would deepen you spiritually even as a Christian.If it was Jesus speaking in the video, I think you would see God more clearly. Unfortunately, this technology wasn’t around 2000+ years ago. However, in my heart of hearts, I know his message would be the same and though I don’t have my bible at hand I do believe that Jesus addresses this question directly himself in the bible and I don’t want to paraphrase the scripture I am referring to. With that being said, I will not engage you in conversation or replies from this time forward. Jean doesn’t deserve her blog to be littered with back and forth posts, because 1 person is offended by any blog or video she shares and my lack of control for my need to defend my Christianity and Spirituality being one.

      • I’m not sure why you think Jean needs your defense. She has not indicated to me that she is offended by my comments. Your defense on her blog seems to prove the POV the you are the offended party.
        RE my questions on your blog, I don’t remember posting them anonymously. Perhaps you can send me a link to those questions? I don’t know how to go back and sign my name to them. Would you like to discuss the matter of Jesus versus syncretism? I have FB, a blog and twitter accounts, and will give you my email is you want it.

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