The Root of All Evils

I saw a question the other day, one I’ve asked myself many times but laughed off as frivolous and impossible.  This time I considered it a little more seriously.  Perhaps I’m at a point in my life, tired with the old time-worn ways of the world, where hope is whispering “dare to dream it.”  All change begins as a dream and so many are crying out for it.  The questions was:

If you could create a society, how would you want it to be?

My answer has become an almost constant string of thoughts.  It walks beside me everywhere I go.  The more the image of this “better place” solidifies the wider my eyes are opening to the world around me and how systems are not supporting the people adequately.  Not like they could.

Humanity is gifted with the brilliance of an intellect that can constantly invent to solve its problems, yet those problems persist.  Humanity is also gifted with an endless reservoir of compassion but something is limiting the reaches of it to solve real problems like hunger, disease and poverty.

It was when I hit on the last point, poverty, that I had a realization.  Money.  That word drops like the heaviest stone.  Ponder what it evokes in you a moment.  There is an immediate tension.  If you have enough, the thought follows “what if one day, I don’t have enough?”  If you are wealthy, there’s the thought “how can I protect it?”  If you are greedy, there is the thought “how can I gain more?”  If you don’t have enough, there’s the thought “how can I get more?’  And if you have none, and the most telling tale of all, the question is “how can I survive?”

Our bounty of resources combined with our ingenuity should have been able to eradicate these woes long ago.  Yet humanity still suffers.  Why?  The only answer I can find is that those who hold the money in this world don’t want it to end.  Those who hold the money are clouded by their own fear or greed to risk their own.  Or, almost too insidious to ponder, they don’t want to solve the problems because the problems are what they rely on to control and garner more wealth.  Quite simply put, they require the suffering.

It enslaves, it divides and it corrupts.  It is wholly and completely unnatural.  It’s an idea forged into coin and paper, and these days it’s just a figure that is increased, decreased or moved digitally and never seen or touched.  But we have become completely enslaved to it.  The more I think about this, the more absurd it becomes.  We are the slaves of an idea.  That idea has more power over humanity than belief in a god.  You can question a god but don’t dare question money.

So, in my ideal society, I would love to see currency abolished.  I don’t want the concepts of debt, credit or futures to even exist.  A society of humanity that is run by compassion provides for those who need.  Those who have trade with those who have what they have not.  Those who have bounty see that those who don’t, receive it.  Resources would be cared for more responsibly because the realization this and only this sustains us wouldn’t be clouded by thoughts of buying a fix from someone else.  Humanity would be in the hands of humanity to care for itself.

I realize this sounds impossible.  I can hear the echoes of the old me in there laughing.  But that laughter is the sound of my own illness and enslavement.  It’s not impossible.  The only constant in this world is change so I will continue to dream my ideal society and let it grow inside of me.  I followed the root to the problem.  I invite anyone to research and explore it.  If enough people realize with open eyes the root of the problem then change in inevitable.  All of this suffering in the world is rooted in nothing more than an IDEA.  The reaches of the illnesses money has created in humanity would take generations to heal but I will continue to dream one day it will be done.

Read more on the history of currency here.



3 thoughts on “The Root of All Evils

  1. A very thought-provoking and inspiring post – intrinsically, money is neither good or bad, it’s the love of money that is the root of all evil. But what a beautiful society you envisage, if only humanity could get its act together! Thanks for this post, Jean.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Cat. It’s good to see you here again. I do agree with you that money in itself is just something traded for something else, but I think few people really have that view of it.

  2. I had posted the longest comment on here to you regarding this blog and how I believe as you do and it’s not here now…..grrrr!! Basically, I wish for a humanity where money is obsolete as well. I believe growing things around the world and trading with each other among other obvious much needed resources should be shared etc… Is it gonna take a earthly disaster to force us to rely on our humanity and awakening us all to this idea? I would love this to just evolve, unfortunately I believe we will be long gone before this happens. I feel like I was born in the wrong generation for sure. I feel I don’t belong in this time. Maybe back in the days of the “Old South” (without the slaves of course) or maybe in the future once we have ALL ascended to a higher level of awareness. But, this is something I shall ponder on myself and may too write about soon. I have laughed at this question many times myself. Powerful forces are moving within me and in my dreams. They are of light and love and are with me almost nightly now in my dreams. I’ve been trying to write down what I can remember. But, they are all beautiful visions I am receiving a world I would like see here on earth one day.

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